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PIP Claim Advice

Hi All

Happy Friday first and foremost.

I made a claim for PIP in January, got a text from DWP on 12.2.15 telling me the application was recieved. So I called today to check on the progress, so on the 14.2.15 the assessment team sent a message with ‘other’ as the reason for sending back to DWP but no information.

I have good and bad days, completed it based on my worst days.

Any advice as to what thismight mean please?


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3 years ago

Mine was send back and forth a few times as far as I could tell from the advisors on the phone I take to. They have to make notes regarding your application, request information and they are a bit inefficient in terms that they don’t just wait for all the information to be available if they arrive at different time but send things back and forth until all information is obtained. I don’t know this as fact but rather the impression I received on the numerous times I called them.

Its bureaucracy at work unfortunately. I did the same, filled it in as my worst possible day and when I went for the appointment I was actually worse than I had advised on the forms. The only thing I actually had to do for the nurse at the appointment was demonstrate how far behind my back I could reach without pain. You explain and describe your worst day and she just writes it down. Basically take your notes in completing the form, if you made any and read it out basically. Remember if anything changes as well so you can inform them of any detrimental changes to your health.

This is just my experience, you may be different but hopefully it has allayed some of your fears. Also keep calling them till you have a date for assessment, I called about 18 times before they gave me a date since apparently I has been “lost” in the queue. I would say call once a week to check up on it 😉

3 years ago

Sorry for my hugely delayed response. I have since called and been told it’s now with atos to set up an appointment. I won’t hold my breath.

I’ll chase tomorrow. I’m actually worried as to see me, I look fairly normal, just on bad days I’m not normal and just feel fatigued and in immense pain.

Perhaps I’ll take my walking stick and just explain what I put in the form is me on a bad day. I.e. Not useful for much at all!

3 years ago

Hi @spuddie007 I think it’s more about you letting them know about the difficulties you face on a day to day basis .. can you stand in the kitchen long enough and without pain and be able to prepare a simple meal..? Chopping veggies etc.. if you use a perching stool then that is classed as an aid.. And do you have difficulties bathing..? have you got any special aids in the bathroom to help you get in and out of shower/bath..? Grab rails/seats etc. And then your mobility.. can you walk..? do you need to use a stick..? how far can you walk.. this one has been cut down from 50 meters to 20 meters I think.. (Length of two buses I was told.. :-/ ??) but as with all aspects of the questions that you are answering, they are also monitoring you during the interview/assessment. I was told that I should also consider a few things in my replies… Does the task take me more “TIME” than normal.. Do I need “ASSISTANCE” to do the task,( I think aids are also classed as assistance.. walking stick, grab rail, perching stool, wheelchair…etc etc.. ) Do you feel “SAFE” when doing a task (Fear you might fall.. ) and then do you get any “PAIN” when doing a task..? It hurts when I walk so that is a major factor for me… I got Standard rate daily living and standard mobility plus the back dated money too after waiting over 30 weeks!!… very best of luck with your assessment and let us know how you got on.. 🙂

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