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I have been officially diagnosed with Ms for about 6 months now and have been researching into the different benefits available. During my big last episode i couldn’t do a lot of what was on the list for about a month and even though I got better I wasn’t back to myself for about 3 months. So I am slightly confused as to how long I need to not be able to do things as it says 3 months followed by 9 months is this basically 1 year completely I should struggle to be entitled to pip or is it over a period of time? Please can anyone help thanks Claire

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3 years ago

@cehoner , it’s a difficult one, Claire. A diagnosis of MS doesn’t make you eligible of PIP. It’s the effect that this has on your everyday life and the problems and hardships caused.

Now, we all know that MS is a fluctuating condition, with good days and bad days. Any application for PIP, should be completed based solely on your bad day. The objectivity and pessimism needed for this approach can be difficult as we do try to remain optimistic.

This is why it is recommended that you have third party assistance in making the application, to ensure this objectivity.

A good site for advice is . For their best advice, there is a negligible annual fee, but general feedback suggests that this is money well spent.


3 years ago

Morning @cehoner I have applied, waited and waited and waited some more for my assessment. Had my assessment, waited some more and finally received a letter to say I had been accepted for standard rate.. yahoo but I was very glad of the tips I got from speaking to a lady at MS UK and making notes on what I needed to point out to the assessor. I just spoke about some of the things I don’t really think about like having to physically lift my leg with my hands to put my socks and shoes on as I don’t have enough strength in my legs to lift them up on their own.. it ment two points as I needed help getting dressed.. :-/ but @stumbler (What time in the morning…!!!! :-/ ) is right it’s about some of the things you are unable to do on a bad day… make notes… re make notes .. phone someone for advise at either MS UK or the MS Society.. and make notes. One of the main issues with PIP seems to be can you do a task SAFETLY (if you are anxious about falling then they consider that too), does it take more TIME for you to do a task (even getting up or coming downstairs takes more time doesn’t it these days.? ) Do you have any PAIN while doing tasks.? and do you need ASSISTANCE to complete a task..? (by assistance it can mean an aid to help you walk .. a grab rail to help you into the shower, a pearch stool in the kitchen.. any special equipment like an electric can opener, even furniture and walls to help keep your balance can also be classed as an aid..) but get advice and make notes on all the issues that you have had… or may still be having that you just cope with on a day to day basis and don’t even realise you are doing… good luck.. apply but be prepared for a long long long wait (but nice to get a back payment) Good luck and let us know how you get on.. 😀

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