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Physio or Lemtrada?

Last Tuesday I saw a physio who gave me some exceecises to do, assessed me and is coming back to see me Thursday for a follow up. Tomorrow will be 7 weeks since I went in for Lemtrada treatment and I can honestly say something positive is happening!
I don’t know whether it’s the physio I’ve been doing or the treatment but this weekend has been one of the best in a long time mobility wise! My legs are less stiff less of the time, I feel better more of the time and I am genuinely seeing improvements in pretty much everything, (except the spots on my face, for some reason I’ve revisited my teens and have acne on my chin!) But all in all I feel like I’m genuinely getting back to “normal” – as normal as I get anyway! The physio was probably the best £40 I’ve ever spent!!

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1 year ago

Great stuff, @gates1989 . Keep it going. 🙂

1 year ago

Good lass keep going I think the spots are to do with steroids iv not had a spot in me life well very rarely till i had them iv got em now and my beard Santa would be happy with it. iv got evoked potentials thingamy job in morning as far as I know it’s watching a boring telly with wires stuck to me canister no idea what it tests for? It’s all a little backwards I think with the LP going tits up and I had to cancel this a few times and rearrange as short notice. Hope it speeds up getting to the lemsip (lemtrada) factory.

It is likely to be both. From what I have read so far, it seems a likely possibility if the DMT can stop some of the active attacks going on, then the body does have some ability to remyelinate and it uses it to improve things instead of just keeping up with new stuff. Combined with you physically activating the right areas in the brain for improvement and its possibly two things working in conjuction with other. There is a talk on the rocky mountain ms center that discusses this a bit.

1 year ago

Every little helps, I had physio when I had my round 1 and whichever one it was it worked a treat my 4 months post physio assessment was a complete improvement in terms of balance, strength and sensation xxx

1 year ago

@gates1989 wonderful news. I think it’s a combination of the 2. MS damages nerves, it limits the use of muscles, and it’s a vicious circle.

i’m 20 weeks post lemtrada, and still waiting for the physio 3 months on. Luckily i’ve been given advice by a pilates teacher a couple of weeks ago, mix in some youtube research and i’m doing some hip flexor exercises that seem to have made a difference to my walking 🙂

would you mind sharing what was your weakness and your physio routine?

1 year ago

Thanks @noelie, well nobody mentioned a physio to me I just saw an advert and figured it can’t do any harm! She just said my right hip is weak and out of alignment so when I walk it kind of drops, she’s given me the excercises to do and she’s coming back Thursday to see me x

1 year ago

I did the same as you saw neuro physio advertised and booked it. At my local MS therapy Centre the sessions were a £10 donation each time – a good investment I hoped and that turned out to be the case

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