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Painful Feet?

Wanted to search through the conversations and see if anyone had already posted but not sure how to do that!

Basically I have the most painful feet ever, I was getting pain on and off for a while however gradually its become more and more frequent to the point recently it seems to be there all the time. It’s a kind of cramping muscular pain especially on the outside of my foot near my little toes, it does get better if I walk more although I tend to be in more pain then when I rest and get up again, viscious circle really. I don’t know if its because I have put on a fair bit of weigh what with 3 courses of steroids and going on DMDs and Gabapentin …I do have little feet carrying a lot of weight now 🙁

I have tried different shoes, inserts, gel pads, icing and elevating and the usual stuff but nothing makes the pain go away, and no drug seems to hit the pain, some days are worse than others and I can’t bear walking anywhere.

I have also recently started having tendonitis in my elbows and hands, this is since starting Tecfidera and so I also wonder if its a side effect of this new drug.

Anyone else suffer with painful feet? … is it an MS thing or a drug thing or is it just a thing and I should probably sign myself up to weight watchers and lose some weight…feeling fed up and never know what is MS and what isnt, my GP seems to like to lump everything under MS now and is totally slopy shoulders passing me off to my Neuro team all the time.

Any suggestions on how to manage this ?

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3 years ago

Ah! figured out how to search from another post, that big old magnifying glass in the corner should have been a bit of a givaway but I blame the MS which has seems to have also caused a reduction in my IQ!

3 years ago

@sheiabah , first things first, don’t allow yourself to be bounced between your GP and your Neuro. There is already someone who sits in between the two of them, your MS Nurse. So, use them as a sounding board for any niggles, or the like, that you get. They’ll direct you accordingly.

As for your feet, we can be subject to both ( and spasticity( Either of these could be causing your problems.

Carrying excess weight is never a good idea and should be within your control. At one time, I did ask whether my meds were responsible for weight gain. I got told that weight gain was down to diet and lack of exercise, which seemed reasonable.

3 years ago

Thanks @stumbler I am having a lot of dysaethesia at the moment mostly around my face, I described it to my husband as feeling like a lava lamp with odd sensations turning up in various places, hanging around for a bit then moving on (or not), much like the lava flowing in a lamp. I did wonder about my feet though as usually the burning, crawling, stinging I get is all one sided and yet both of my feet are in pain, albeit one a bit more than the other. (on a side note I never knew that you could get cramp in half you face, weirdest thing to ever happen to me having half my face screw up tight muscled involuntarily for 30 mins then thankfully relax…)

I have mentioned my feet to my MS Nurse and she is getting me an appointment with my Consultant Neurologist to see if a change in drugs is on the cards because of my various issues. Although I do wonder what good the drugs do and whether I should just come off them all and then at least I dont have them to blame for anything.

3 years ago

@sheiabah , pain relief from neuropathic pain is very much “horses for courses”. You have to find the one that works for you. And at what dose!

If Gabapentin isn’t doing it for you, you may try switching to Pregabalin. It’s a similar type med to Gabapentin, but seems to be offered after Gabapentin. – cost considerations?

3 years ago

Hi , I too suffer from one painful foot, all along the edges of my toes. I have spent so much money on shoes,but I have finally worked out that I need really, really wide shoes that do not cramp my foot at all, as any hint of constriction and the foot is going into spasm and hence the weird pain.
I have managed to find reasonably pretty Wide clarks shoes and Birkenstocks and suddenly the pain is gone and I can walk for miles!
It is much more of a problem in the winter as constricting socks cause the same trouble and it is really hard to do without socks ( I have tried!).
Anyway, don’t give up on your feet before trying super wide fittings. Good luck!

3 years ago

The soles of my feet, from heel to toe, burn and tingle at all times. getting out of bed can be a most uncomfortable time as I have to acclimatise myself to the feelings each day. It never seems to lose its intensity, rather stays as a constant. Wearing shoes can exacerbate the feeling if I wear them too long.

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