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Hello friends
Anyone passing through pain due to MS?
I am facing mauch backache, neckpain, tingling stabbling pain, in mouth ,eye pain etc I couldn’t understand what should do?
Please help ………

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2 weeks ago

@sheetal , you need to understand the two types of pain that you are experiencing. Then, you can start considering how to treat them either with pain killers, to dampen down the pain, or, physio-therapy to address posture/gait problems.

Have a read of this article :-

then you know whether to consult your Doctor and/or a physio-therapist.

2 weeks ago

Have you seen your ms nurse? They are fonts of all knowledge, and usually know more than the neuros do because they don’t deal with anything else.

2 weeks ago

I take cannibis for pain at night so I can sleep, it takes the pain away straight away I use a vaporizer which is brillant.

2 weeks ago

Ms is a bloody pain

2 weeks ago

Hi I also get very bad neuropathic pain in my legs feet and hands, electric shock feelings and burning Sensations. I also use a vaporiser for my weed, it helps with my pain somewhat I did used to use pre Gabalin For the pain for years, but what the neuro specialist Forgot to tell me was that it was very addictive so that’s why I came off that and stuck with the cannabis

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