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Optic Neuritis: is it permanent? 5 month

I’ve now had optic neuritis for over 5 months! At what point is this considered permanent damage? I live in chronic fear of getting it simultaneously in the other eye,at which point I’d be blind

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4 years ago

@jessa , this website suggests that recovery can go on for a year :-

Living with a constant fear is understandable, but the associated worry/stress that this causes can be detrimental to your recovery. We need to stop worrying about what may, or may not, be “around the corner” and relax ourselves and our brains to encourage recovery.

Just be nice to yourself. 😉

4 years ago

@jessa i had this for 3 months, once I had iv steroids it got better.. I’m a year down the road now from being diagnosed and I’ve had massive eye problems where I thought the same as you. But this last month has been great and my eyesight is near to the way it was post optic neuritis, try not think the worst.. x

4 years ago

Hi @jessa
Everyone is different, and every flare up of optic nueritis is different. I’ve had this one for 6 months now. Or so I thought. A recent visit to my doc suggested maybe its actually my eye now, not ON! So, a visit to optomotrist confirmed that ON has settled, but my eye is now damaged (20/20 vision prior)- but I was stoked as glasses CAN actually help eye probs 🙂 worth getting it checked out – good luck! xxxx

4 years ago

@jessa I’m in exactly the same boat as you. I’ve had ON for nearly 6 months now. At 4 months I asked my neuro if I would have any further recovery and he said most of recovery happens in first 6-8 weeks (or thereabouts). However I’ve read lots of accounts of it continuing to improve up to 12 months.
I feel the same fear as you about it happening in the other eye. I even started getting eye pain in my other eye and went straight to my opthomologist- he did full examination and said it was fine. I still get eye pain in my affected eye and sone days both eye balls just hurt all day. Having said that @stumbler is absolutely right- stress & worry will only exacerbate our situation. I am thankful for the vision I do have and for my general good health. My eye currently is like looking through a shower screen whilst in a hot shower, you can see through the glass but it’s just foggy and I also have black floating dots.
I’m going to have another eye exam and visual field test before my next visit to my neuro, basically just for my own reference.
Stay positive, there’s every chance there will be improvement but it’ll probably be so minor that you won’t notice it as it happens.
Keep us posted on your progress.

3 years ago

Hi ! I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis in July 2013. My vision in my left eye felt like a headache of the eyeball. I have been in and out of hospital for 2 years and knowone can confirm what is happening. Ive had an MRI, CT and lumer puncture. My vision is poor and will not be returning. This is something i have too live with. One minute im diagnosed with MS the next im not. This topic is very hard to confirm whether you will or will not occur a second episode or whether its just a one off episode. I strongly beleive ON is linked to stress. I know its hard, but you have to remain positive. I recommend taking vitamin D and doing plenty of exercise. Get yourself to the local gym and do some swimming, yoga or general exercise. This will help you MASSIVELY. Stay strong. stay in touch and get yourself to the gym if you dont do so already. Buy vitamin D tablets and try and eat healthily. B12 is also good. There is no pont in worrying yourself over something that may or may not happen. That will not help you. Listen to classical music and try to learn to relax. When you do exercise, the heat and sweat may effect your vision. You just have to tell yourself everythings fine and this is helping me. Health body healthy mind. I stay away from saunas and steam rooms. Please try and programme into the positive side of your brain and beleive you are fine and will be fine. You will be very surprised what this line of thinking can do. If you beleive you will acheive. If you want o know more about my journey, please feel free to ask.

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