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3 years ago

High dosage steroids are the normal treatment for a relapse which is causing major problems to you, e.g. your sight.

These can be provided orally or intravenously over a course of 3-5 days.

It is not designed to be a quick fix, but the steroids will be helping your body to recover over the next 6-8 weeks. However, you may feel an immediate high during the first day or two, but this is followed by the “steroid crash”, where things return to where they were.

Steroids might give you a metallic taste in your mouth, so having some mints may be an idea.

Good luck. 😉

3 years ago

Hi @berryoye! Six months ago I had my first i.v. steroid treatment ever, due to ON on my right eye.

What can I say? As a person who doesn’t like needles and hasn’t been asessed to hospital 20 years prior to ON, I did pretty good :)).
The i.v. has not got major side effects. If the speed is to high, you could feel your temperature rising. Only if this becomes bothersome should you ask the nurse to slow it down. Just ask, in any case, just to be sure how does that apply in your case.

If you are prone to anxiety, you should let them know, as corticosteroids could amplify your emotions, and make you more anxious or emotional (been through it, transformed into a cry baby and five minutes later I laughed, because I was ok, but the steroids made me sad :))). It all wears of in the end, and the treatment does reduce your imflammation, and you gradually can see better. Verify your visual accuity by closing one eye at a time and try looking at a yellow surface for Reference (first with your normal eye, and then with your ON eye). Same goes for veryfing contrast, focus on a hospital sign and find out if your vision has improved since the ON debut.

Food? Avoid salt, sugar and carbohydrates, as the steroids increase your water retention, your glicemic index, and you could gain pounds.

Hope this answer helped you. I did my best in sharing the experience I had with ON, so that you could find something to relate to. Also, I totally agree with @stumbler‘s point of viei.

Hope you get well soon and that all will turn out for the best!

3 years ago

This is what happens when you tell your mum about things!

3 years ago

I had ON that progressed to impair my vision 95% in my left eye & 50% in my right. This was the first clue to my diagnosis. I was on prednisone orally for nearly a year & and half, taking 80mg daily. it did manage to take down the inflammation and return my sight, but at such a high dosage, I did suffer from all the effects that come along with prolonged steroid use.
I do suggest that if you can get the medicine in pill form, it would relieve any anxiety you have about needles & injections. Either way, know it will work, just not over night.
good luck!

3 years ago

@berryoye my ON started in June this year in my left eye. I didn’t have steroids as they said it only speeds up recovery and won’t change the end result. But then again I still had one good eye and I was coping well. It’s different for everybody.

3 years ago

Gone for a 3 day course (2nd day). No real symptoms today but felt a bit crappy yesterday and very prone to head rushes. It’s safe to say I want it gone as quick as possible and I know it doesn’t change the outcome it should make things progress quicker.

3 years ago

Hi everyone i lost my right eye vision tottaly suddenly without a warning last July summer holiday in sunny egypt…wow wow i didnt expect that at all Its kind of a shock to me actually now that at begining althouth that i never been sick before nor any eyes illines that I can remember off.. Any way i never bothered about adjust to my holiday didnt want the eyes to ruin for so after a while three weeks after starting seeing a bit kind of blurry but not that clear. Came back when to see my GP couple of painkiller and got referred to Moorefield eyes hospital to be honest i dont really know what wrong with my eyes to dated no pain just blind as see if u look at the sun and suddenly back to room that the vision that i have lol?? !! On the other hand i got a appointment with the ophthalmology service that Neuro Optic of unknown cause??? Next week got appointment for “IV steriods” LP MRI brain scan …..What is Optic Neuro im confused here.

3 years ago

Or ist kind of a new disease.. Never had of Optic Neuritis diseases… Some says its systematically sign of Ms disease…? Im 28 years looking to build my future settle dowm have a family and live large Or its sign dream over mate 4me.. though i have adjust to as been one eye man and good things no ones or could tell Haha

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