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Optic neuritis

So I am on day 12 of blurred vision in my right eye, getting an mri next week then probably IV steriods fo 3 days. How long does this blurry/foggy usually last? What were your experiences with iv treatments? I can prob see about 35% out of my right eye, but this is killing me!!!!Please help and suggestions, experiences would be great!!

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8 months ago

@bbaughman , if it is Optic Neuritis, then a visual inspection of the back of the eyes should confirm this.

IV Steroids do not alter the capability of your body to recover, they just expedite the process. But, it is down to you and your body to manage the recovery, so you need to rest up to allow this to happen.

IV Steroids are usually well-tolerated, but there may be an immediate metallic taste in your mouth, A supply of mints would be useful. Your sleep pattern may be impacted for a couple of days too.

Stress and worry will only make things worse, so distraction therapy would be useful. Pamper yourself and be kind to yourself.

8 months ago

In your experience how long did the vision loss/blurriness last?

8 months ago

@bbaughman , I’ve never suffered from this symptom personally.

Recovery from MS attacks is different for everyone. So, timescales are impossible to predict. Just have faith in the body’s and the brain’s ability to repair itself. Just look after yourself and be patient with yourself.

8 months ago

The first time I had optic neuritis in November 2017, from the day I woke up with it, it went away on it’s own in about two weeks (during all of my various doctor visits trying to figure out what the hell was happening) and didn’t leave behind any residual spots in my vision. I wasn’t treated for it since we didn’t know for sure what it was until it was almost completely gone so there was really no point in treating it. Just a little side info, the first attack I had with optic neuritis was pretty mild. Of course I didn’t think so at the time, I was convinced I was going blind at 23, but fast forward to February 2018, during my drive to work, I notice a very tiny spot in my right eye. Long story short, I ended up with a horrible migraine that night and the spot continued to grow until I had almost no vision at all in that eye by the next day or two. I was sent to the emergency room after my visit with the neuro-opthomologist who then sent me to a neurologist (that was who ended up sending me to the hospital) and started on iv steroids. My pupil was showing signs of permanent damage when it wouldn’t react to light so the doctors weren’t sure I’d get my vision back fully. After three or four days on iv steroids, (I stayed in the hospital 7 days total) I almost had my vision back completely. I went from 20/80 to 20/35 in days. It continued to improve as time went on and I was sent home with oral steroids for 10-15 days. I’m amazed at how well I see now compared to how severe it was. The second attack did leave a couple of small residual spots in my right eye but it’s so much better than it was. Basically my point going into all of that is every case of optic neuritis is different in different people. My first spot was small, never changed size, never caused anything more than a slight headache here and there, and went away completely overnight on it’s own without medication. My second attack started super small but grew to almost cover my entire vision field in that one eye, gave me a migraine, wasn’t getting better, and left permanent damage after being treated with iv and oral steroids. Optic neuritis is super frustrating and from my last experience, I can tell you the steroids do wonders and make it go away so much quicker.

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