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Oooops – My Bad !!

I just don’t know what happened today!!
I think there may be a bit of suppressed anger in me.

I will pre-empt my tale with a foreword. …. I have ALWAYS stayed clear of using a Disabled Parking space…In fact, more often than not I tend to park in a far distant parking space at supermarkets, (much to the chagrin of passengers in my car) to leave closer spaces for folk who cant walk distances as well as I can.

So today, I make a wee trip to the local Co-op and, as per usual park away from the front door. As I approached the door a couple swing their car into the Disabled space, literally leap out of the car and trot comfortably into the store. I notice no Blue ticket on the car , no walking aids or discernible problems with walking for either of the people.

I enter the store behind them and start saying in a fairly loud voice – ‘Make way – Disabled person coming through’ ..eventually the woman turns and says with a rather red face “Ssshhhh, we are NOT disabled” at which I again announce in a loud voice “Well, why did you park in a Disabled Parking Space’… then started announcing “Make way- very lazy person coming through”- they went out and moved their car.

OMG, I have never behaved in such an outrageous way !!
Luckily some of the staff in the store are personal friends..and …well that couple wont do that again!!
Still Blushing, Emma T

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1 year ago

@pikilily , there are two good reasons why you should avoid such a confrontation:-

1. The driver. or passenger, may suffer from one of those invisible conditions, like MS, where the disability isn’t immediately noticeable ; and

2. if the person is not disabled and is therefore showing a contemptuous disrespect, then they may not respect you either and will not be “best pleased” with your involvement.

It’s best to bite your tongue. 😉

1 year ago

I know, I feel bad about this outburst. Its just not like me!!!
I have a strong feeling that these two were of the second category….however they did move their car, so that bit of prompting did seem to work!!
So are we entitled to use those spaces even if we dont have a Blue Badge?
Emma x

1 year ago


Emma, Thanks for the laugh…

Although I would probably have politely asked them why they took your Disabled Parking Space… 😉


1 year ago

@pikilily Emma , we all know how the Disabled Parking should work, but it just isn’t that well policed.

In this day and age, I wouldn’t put it past these lowlifes to draw a knife and use it. That’s how little respect they have.

It just isn’t worth the risk. 😉

1 year ago

@stumbler – and @edmontonalberta
I have calmed down now.
Had a chat with my daughter, who is a clinical psychologist, and has explained that what I had was temporary emotional dysregulation due to my recent diagnosis… so i now have an excuse!! makes it so much easier when you have an excuse, don’t you say. 🙂

And @stumbler I take your point- it isnt worth the risk!
Cheers Emma T

1 year ago

dHi @pikilily it’s weird I used to get more annoyed with tbpeople taking the p’ss with bays when I was a ‘healthy’ driver! As a resident of south east London/Kent I have to go with @stumbler that confrontation just ain’t worth it – I’m a bit of a wuss which really helps this approach 😀♿️

1 year ago

Lol thats something i would do sadly. Sometimes i cant hold bk my temper but not regarding to this since im not mser in disguise. Dont like it if ppl know i have it. I Rather my life to be normal. Its my bug lil secret.

1 year ago

Emma, I love the label of ’emotional dysregulation’! Covers a lot of stuff and I can apply it to some of what I’ve said in the past!

1 year ago

Its a good one eh!
She comes out with a heap of technical terms for brain-things which make me chuckle.
By the way, LGT, my daughter, is not one of those whispering-head-tilting-psychologists…she sparkles and lights up the room. She has eyes that have the wisdom of a thousand years, always has done.
At the moment she is my prop…..bless her. And, I can rely on her to tell me not to be an ass, which i may add she did last night!!!!!!!
Emma T x

1 year ago

Hi @pikilily. Even though I laughed at your post, it even gave me some pleasure reading it :), the truth is I have to agree with @stumbler.

Invisible illness and unpredictability of human beings should always be considered before “unleashing the dogs” ahah 🙂


1 year ago

Even before MS, I always had a very strong reaction to anybody parking in a disabled bay who doesn’t display a blue badge.

I’ve carried A4 notices in my car for years for use when I see people pull up park and jog into a shop

The notices say :

‘The person driving this vehicle has not displayed a blue badge
Ignorance like disability can be invisible
People with disability don’t get a choice
The driver of this vehicle CHOOSES to be ignorant
Ignorance is a character flaw – NOT a disability’

I leave them on the windscreen or back window, whichever will be seem by more people. (when they’re not around to see me or challenge me doing it)

Yes we have an invisible illness – I also have a bloody blue badge and on the rare occasions when I need to use a disabled space I display the thing – whilst someone might look at me and think ‘hmmm – really’ that’s their prerogative – it’s the ones who don’t put a badge on display I have a problem with not the eligibility of a person who does display one

1 year ago

I think what you did is brilliant! A most appropriate response!

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