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1 year ago

Hi nikita
Since I have been prescribed pregabalin by my neurologist it has taken away my terrible headaches. They used to start above my left eye and go down to side of my left face. Because they affected my eye I thought it was migraine. But it was probably nerve pain.

@diamondrebel thank you for your input.. I will have to ask about it when I have my next appt feb 8th.. it’s now the start of day 4 and I feel like there’s so much pressure in my head 🙁

1 year ago

I have had them since I was a teenager, my doctor called them migraines but I never believed him until my neuro told me they were migraines. They are in the back of my head and neck and I only get them when weather fronts are moving in and out. Sometimes I can have them for a couple of weeks. They wanted to start me on migraine medication but I read the side effects and opted out. A huge percentage of people with MS have migraines, I use to put a heated bean bag on my neck. My neuro made me quit, he said that was sending warm blood to the brain, it could cause exacerbation of old lesions. I use a electric vibrator on my neck now and some Tylenol and just tolerate it until the weather clears. Potter

1 year ago

I have constant tightness with a crawling feeling on my forehead it’s horrible but only thing that helped was gabbapentin as it’s definitely nerve pain but I do have trigeminal neuralgia also xx

1 year ago

Let me know what they say at your next appointment, hopefully you will get it sorted. It used to feel my skull was in vice the pressure was so bad, so I know how you feel.

1 year ago

I have suffered with this for years…….and 3 weeks ago I started on 10mg Amitriptyline at night on the advice of my MS nurse, and it’s amazing!!! Even my usual background headache has improved!

1 year ago

I had headaches for years it was the lumber puncture of all this that cured it, too much spinal fluid apparently, I still get eyes sight zig zag migrain lines occassionally when I’m stressed but no pain anymore

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