4 years ago
One for the mods!

Help! I log in (check), click in the top right hand corner and see I have msgs………so click on there………and it takes me back to the homepage. How do I get to SEE my msgs? am I being hopelessly dense here?

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@stumbler will know. While he’s about it, I’d also like to ask if it’s just my computer or has the size of the shift page slightly reduced? It hasn’t changed on any other website as far as I can see. Ah, the mystery of technology.

@reddivine, I can’t see a problem at this end. If it’s still causing a problem, we could use Skype to allow you to show me exactly what’s going on……..
@cameron, I’m not aware of any changes to screen sizes. Screen sizes can be change up and down by holding down the < -CTRL-> key and pressing the plus (“+”) key, to make it larger, and the the minus (“-“) key to make it smaller. Just a thought.

I think can guess what the problem is. I think it’s where you have been left a message by somebody who has subsequently been deleted. The table that contains the message notification wasn’t updated when the member was deleted – so you still get the “new message” notification, but when you try to read it the query can’t find the member associated with the message so it falls back to its default – which appears to be the homepage…

Mark 🙂

ooo @aardvark, you are a clever lad! never would have thought of that. Cheers!

Not that clever so it would seem – I just got sent a real message by a real non-deleted member and I can’t see that either. So it’s obviously a feature rather than a bug LOL

@reddivine, this problem should be resolved and working normal today.

@reddivine I have answered most of your queries re campsite hope your well and if you need more info you know where I am
All the best femke xx

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