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OMS to Wahls

I am switching from the OMS diet to the Wahls diet. Mainly because my mother is on Keto and doesn’t shut up about how I need to do it as well. And because I have put on 10kg on the OMS diet as I think I just replaced meat with wonderful carbs (well you dont get full on tofu). It is either the diet or the Gilenya.

So far it is pretty strange eating meat again. Don’t get me wrong it is delicious, but strange and I am getting dirty looks from my Hindu friends.

My question is – Has anyone out there switched from OMS to Wahls? Was it beneficial? Any relapses? Good/Bad idea?

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1 year ago

How long did you do the oms diet? Did you notice any benefits? I have been doing it for the last three months, minus the meditation, and still smoking! It does feel a bit like clutching at straws, but in the absence of anything else….
All the best.

1 year ago

Hi cammo, I have been on the Wahls diet for something more than 2 years. Well, great improvements, but before that I wasn’t on any diet. Just a lazy vegan with lots of cortisone in my body. I almost never eat meat -just liver sometimes- but wild fish every day. Grass fed animals seem impossible to find around here anyway. I do take flax seed oil everyday(OMS), but I am taking a break from coconut… I couldn’t stand it anymore!!! I’ll resume it soon…Anyway a ketosis diet makes sense. Let us know. All the best!

1 year ago

@paulmorrison I was OMS for about 15 months, I didn’t really get the meditation part over the line either.
I am not sure if the benefits were from the Gilenya or the diet. I presume the Gilenya but my MS “stabilised” (no additional lesions between 6 month MRIs), but that is also the claim on the Gilenya box.
My problem with OMS is when you take out meat and fat, you end up eating a lot of rice and bread which makes you fat (according to my mother and the internet).
Anyway, good luck to you. Give up the fags, they are no good for anything. I gave up the gaspers using Nicorette Quick Mist. It actually works, however you get addicted to the spray.
Good luck.

1 year ago

Hi Cam yes I swapped over to Wahls and I feel heaps better on it. I have been on it for over 3 years, I am not on meds and my disease has remained stable – no new lesions. I believe you have to be strict. I follow Wahls Level 1 – its a good healthy diet and I love eating all the veggies. I also have an integrative doctor who looks at my bloods for supplementation. I also exercise very regularly. I think its really a diet and lifestyle choice

@cammo My wife has been following OMS for 18 months and on Tecfidera. For what its worth, she was light to begin with but lost weight on OMS. We struggle to make sure to keep weight on. She is still in the healthy range, but on the low end of that. Are you doing the exercise part of OMS?

We cut out processed foods and most sugars and added lots of exercise. People told us its not surprising she lost weight (no junk food + exercise, what do you expect?).

Are the carbs you are eating refined (ie white bread/rice?) Those are really close to sugars and are not good. We have been using whole grains mostly which are significantly less processed and better for you. We have been using lots of other things like quinoa, lentils etc.

1 year ago

Morning @cammo. I guess the simple thing is that, as with MS, people are affected by different things in different ways, so I guess trial and error would be the only way you would know. Personally my life has been turned around through being on Keto for six months; weight loss, and more energy for everyday life. It’s tough for me too as I’m veggie but I imagine glorious if you’re a meat eater! Good luck with you pathway…… 🙂

1 year ago


Read Grain Brain ! Your mums correct! 😊
I don’t think grains are good for anyone ! Only came along recently in terms of evolution, not enough time for our bodies to adapt to them


1 year ago

@californiadreaming Yes I exercise a lot. Even before MS. I cycle 25km every week day and 45km on either Saturday or Sunday with one day off where I usually go for a long walk.
I was eating a lot of rice. A big bowl with lunch and dinner so that was probably my problem. Or it was the Gilenya. There are a lot of people who state that weight gain is an undocumented side effect.

@cammo wow thats quite a bit of exercise

@rachaellouise I have read all of David Perlmutter’s books, but I have mix feelings on them. They sound great but not sure they are truly scientifically based. In the brain maker, his description of MS sounds like it could have been a person recovering from a relapse.

Here is one critical review that I think offers some valid counter points:

Not saying everything he says is wrong, but do take it with a “grain” of salt.

I personally try not to rely too much on any source that makes money off of selling product. My wife does use his Probiotic brand which is really expensive (partly because there is no dairy in it).

1 year ago


How much does mainstream medicine make out of us ? Far more than that guy. How much do they make out of your wife’s drugs ? I think many people forget that and choose to focus on one person like Grain Brain . Whose the real people making most of the money ! It’s peanuts in comparison to what they make!

11 months ago

Do you eat gluten free grains and legumes on Wahls Level 1?

11 months ago

As the OMS diet is mainly plant based I lost weight. As californiadreamin posted refined carbs are mostly sugar and will cause weight gain When i’m tempted and submit to a craving for any of them i always regret it later as feel sluggish and bloated. I lost weight for other too btw
personally i wouldn’t touch the meat based diets with a barge pole, but that is just my feeling after avoiding meat for nearly 2 years, even avoid the smell of it anywhere and have been unconvinced by what i know of those other diets ie what is available on YouTube
OMS cookbook is hard to follow, lots of the recipes don’t make sense, and don’t even follow OMS guidelines. Should you wish to go back onto their diet try veggie recipes, middle eastern recipes, vegan recipes, many online
the guidelines on supplements are also doable, unlike other woo woo sites online
Meditation is number 1 key in my experience but usually do 20 mins daily not 30
Am way behind on what OMS recommends for daily exercise, you’re doing great in that regard
best of luck with whatever you choose to pursue

11 months ago

I didn’t read anything in OMS about it mainly being plant based. What I took away from it is dont eat saturated fats, exercise, vitD and meditate. That said, supplementing a vegan diet with grains is necessary to get proteins. These grains make you put on weight. I’m not theorizing here. I am a living experiment.
OMS – Lots of carbs plus lots of veggies = 10kg weight gain in 12 months.
Wahls – Lots of veggies plus grass fed meat = 5kg weight loss in 3 months.

You may have lost weight on OMS but everyone’s body is different. Mine is very efficient at turning carbs into stored fat for that rainy day regardless of how much I exercise.

11 months ago

@cammo that’s great to hear the switch is treating you well. Can you let us know how your various ms symptoms are faring? My wife is also a living experiment for oms for now. She is doing well and we have no idea if it’s oms, Tecfidera, supplements or just random for now. Stress definitely causes more symptoms of tingling but they have been passing for now.

We have been on oms and also trying to find ways to reduce carbs but not for weight reasons but just for health. Obviously a little tricky to do with oms but we have been moving in that direction.

If you want an excellent book it’s called “genius foods” and it gives you some great explanations on what you experienced. Better then any book I have read so far Good calories bad calories is the other recommended book I have.

11 months ago

I am symptom free at the moment. Touch wood.
I have my next MRI in a month, but so far no clinical symptoms (there may be new lesions with no symptoms, I have had that before).
Will let you know.
Honestly, I don’t think diet matters that much, but I follow them just in case. And I like to be healthy.

11 months ago

@cammo Thanks for the update. I know it seems like it doesn’t matter but I really think it does make a big difference only that’s it’s measured over many years. The studies coming out now (like the kids eating greens) are all showing positive effects. No great way to tell for sure though.

My wife’s mri is next month as well. Touch wood also.

11 months ago

@goldivy I eat some legumes and some gluten free grains – buckwheat and small amounts of brown rice for example

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