5 years ago
OH NO!!!! Willpower has gone……….

After nearly a year and a half of being disciplined and following the Swank Diet, during a really low moment I ordered a Chinese and ate like food was going out of fashion, although at the time I was prolonging every mouthful I’m now feeling really guilty…………anyone else fallen off the wagon????? Make me feel better people.

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A year and a half and this is your first ‘blip’….I think you deserved a treat!!! What will determine your resolve is whether you decide to jack it in after one minor set back (in the grand scheme of things) or if you allow yourself this one little wobble and carry on as normal from tomorrow. Don’t best yourself up!!!xx

Obviously i meant don’t beat yourself up…..!!

Thank you! It’s so easy to beat yourself up about the smallest things, sometimes takes someone else to make you see sense! Tomorrow will be a better day 🙂 xx

Lol too late I already have!! X

I’ve been reading up on the swank diet and I don’t even think I could do a week and a half never mind a year and a half!!!x

MS already seems to take so much away from people … don’t feel bad about enjoying the small things in life :).

Ophelia I still surprise myself! Don’t know how I’ve stuck to it for so long, I guess it’s the only thing that I feel is in my control, having said that I suffered a pretty nasty relapse at start of the year that I’m only just getting over so big question is, what control does diet really play in MS…..xx

DJBlack, true words, thank you x

No worries marazziv … anytime. Meanwhile, I’ve just started another day of work haha 🙁

You’ve just started your day and I’m about to end mine……..it’s meant to be British Summer time but in usual British style it’s dull windy and wet!! Enjoy your day and don’t work to hard :-))x

Haha … ah well lucky you! Ah yes, well it isn’t winter here yet but it is freezing (for me haha) already … freezing as in about 10 degrees in the morning :P. For me anything under 20 degrees is way to cold. Much prefer summer and +30 degrees 😉 haha. I don’t have enough work to work hard … don’t want to rush myself 😛

Now your making me jealous! Can’t remember last time I experienced +30 degree heat!!! You better never come to the UK, you wouldn’t survive lol

Just downloaded this album and listening to it for the first time. This song should be dedicated to all of us (but made me think of you!!!) Enjoy!!!

Haha sorry … but I really don’t enjoy the cold. Don’t have enough clothes to even barely survive winter here! haha. It won’t last to long, maybe 2 months 😛 … then back to warm :D. It is winterish but still blue blue skies lol. I want to go though … maybe Christmas this year, about time I saw snow haha.

If you want some good easy listening acoustic aussie music … youtube ‘Busby Marou’ They have some songs on youtube, but they are also on iTunes. I know the guys, good music


@marazziv – I am inspired and impressed by your self control and willpower!! One set back is nothing at all to beat yourself up over. Before my last flare up I was eating very strictly and was on a workout routine that some people would think is crazy (6-7 days a week and 2-3 hours a day). But once that flare up hit…everything fell apart and I have had a hard time pulling myself back together and get myself back on track.

Hey, don’t beat yourself up, everyone is allowed to treat themselves once in a while.

Enjoy it and don’t feel guilty.


Ophelia great song choice, can really relate to it.

Chels wow I’m so inspired by that, I lack so much energy that just thinking about that routine makes me tired lol it’s always demotivating when a relapse strikes but I know all of us on this site are made of stronger stuff and we will pick ourselves up and get back on track.

Skippy thank you

So glad I’ve met all of you amazing inspirational people on Shift MS xxx

Sorry … been on the golf course all day, been a tough Friday at work :P. I’m supposed to be training for a 96km trek … http://kokodachallenge.com/kokoda-challenge … but fractured my eye socket playing rugby the other week so haven’t done anything because it hurts to even jog! haha. But hopefully I muster up the effort to start exercising again.

Marazziv … we are all just trying to find a means to an end and do the best we can to carry on with life as it was before. Even the strongest people have moments where they think they can’t continue. In the end … we are still here but just have to make adjustments to how we go about things. Hope things get better 🙂

Never heard of the Swank diet. Looked it up and seems ok.
I go to slimming world and that is very similar. You eat loads of fruit and veg, low-fat options, low-fat dairy…etc.
Looking at yr photo, you certainly are not overweight, and even if you were, falling off the wagon is allowed, now and again! Live life and all that. Just dust yourself off and say…Back to the Plan. Build in a treat nite every so often..!

iv been eating healthy, exercising but let i ate a KFC today 🙁 should get my fitness pal on your phone tells you how many calories you need, its brilliant

I asked my neurologist (Dr Gavin Giovannoni – very well known MS expert)about the Swank diet. He said that yes, I might well feel better on it. But he added that it would make absolutely no difference to the disease course. I asked him if he was sure about that. He said ‘Oh, yes. Absolutely sure’. I trusted him on everything else so I decided then and there not to bother with Swank! (I know I don’t have your willpower, either). But I’m sure your general health will have improved with it and of course that in itself is a big factor, so lots of luck!!


My fitness pal is wonderful! Really helps to see what you have done and haven’t done each day. Its very recommended by dieticians and doctors in general tends to suggest having a food and exercise diary to help keep yourself accountable.

I’m feeling good today. So I’m starting my new exercise routine and really going to push myself to get myself going again. Its damn time.

I very much believe different things work for different people. I know with me a lot f it is phycological and most probably placebo but that’s what works for me. I don’t take any medication at this time so I’m always looking for alternative options.

I do hope a cure can be found in our lifetime 🙂 xx

@marazziv I’ve been reading Swank’s book. I think I’m crazy even considering it since I’ve always had the moto: “You only live once so you might as well enjoy the food you eat!” I don’t want it to be 20 years from now and I wonder what condition I would be in if I had followed his diet. His research he shares in his book makes so much sense. I have combined his research with sunlight/vitamin D research and I feel like the reason I have MS is that during my high school years I became a bookworm during the summer and rarely went out, and also my parents had split in jr high, so my mom was working and instead of eating home cooked meals, I was eating frozen dinners, canned soups and pastas,top ramen etc. So now I’m considering trying the Swank diet because it has made the most sense to me of anything else I’ve read. Are you still following the diet? How has it affected you and how are you feeling?

@jat721 ” I think I’m crazy even considering it since I’ve always had the moto: “You only live once so you might as well enjoy the food you eat!” ”


Yes balance in everything, but one of the commitments I made to myself as the pickiest eater on the whole of the earth was to NOT embrace some ‘weird’ diet. If it’s working for those that have tried it, great. We have enough baloney to deal with on a day to day basis. I didn’t want dietary restrictions being added to the pile. For what it’s worth. 🙂

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