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oh, fatigue…

Hi! I have a little question. I know that many MSers struggle with fatigue, so maybe someone has similar experience. So, I currently study at university, and I fall asleep during lectures. And it shows in my grades. Morning classes are ok, but afternoon ones… It’s just impossible for me to stay awake. The more I try, the more distracted, angry and tired I am. And it’s not like the lectures are boring…
I don’t want to ask professors if I could record them, many of them wouldn’t allow that anyway, and relying on other people’s notes is risky. Do you know any way to stay awake?

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5 days ago

I find the afternoons very difficult, in I can sleep between 1-3 . If you are at uni,the staff should be able to help. Rescheduling, taping lectures in the afternoon etc., I am usually ok if I have had a sleep, so can do dinner, make some calls etc., but I am 62 and have had the beast for 24 years so am well used to my body and have learned what I can and can’t do. If you are falling asleep at this stage you have to find out what is normal/good for you because this is likely to carry on in working life and though employers are expected to make reasonable changes, but only if you are already employed by them, so you may need to look for work where you can work from home or in2 chunks, morning and late afternoon/early evening. Don’t what employment law is like in your country so find out all you can now and go from there.😍

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5 days ago

my doctor put me on fatigue meds. might be something you wanna look into if you have not already. hope things get better for you

5 days ago

Maybe you can talk with someone from the social or study office about the problem? I guess if they explain the professors about the necessity of recording lessons? Maybe you can suggest signing a form about not sharing your recordings, cause they are just for personnal use? Maybe they are more understanding than you think. And so you don’t have to bring it up in class.

5 days ago

I am also currently suffering from fatigue and have been put on a medication called amantadine.

have a look on the MS website as there are a few options in this area and then discuss with your specialist if you feel his is the route you would like to go down.

1 day ago

Dear mrsmckay32617, would you mind sharing what you’ve been given?
And adamframpton, how are you getting on with amantadine, if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve been told I could have some if I felt this was the right thing (I am struggling 4 out of 7 days with severe fatigue). Would love to hear your experience with what you’re taking. Thanks!

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