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2 months ago


I seem to have had a v light touch. I had my first 300 on Jan 9th.

The second 300 was a fortnight later. Bout 2 weeks ago I did some v light exercise and spent the rest of the day flat on my back with fatigue. Eventually saw doc today, may have a slight chest infection. Taking a week of clarithromycin now. Maybe unrelated.

Seems as if the UK has a quite strict pre-infusion protocol. Mostly I imagine because they are getting used to it. After all, what was the point of a 12 lead ECG?

I *think* you may be in N America from name and picture (I am 1/2 Canadian and knew plenty of Klein’s there, none here in the UK), apologies if I got it wrong. Just that there is another 12 mo experience in the US.



2 months ago

@deb_beyer_klein , if you select the “Ocrevus” tag that has been added automatically to the bottom of your post, you will access previous posts regarding Ocrevus.

2 months ago

I started in September and have my first full dose in two weeks. The only side effect I experienced was during my first half got a bit itchy so they gave me more Benadryl, but no infusion reactions during the second half. I got shingles shortly after starting, but never had the vaccine. I did do a bit worse before getting better. My old symptoms seemed to flare for a couple months, but then I did better than before I went on it. I was fortunate that some symptoms disappeared and other lessened. I was using a walker and haven’t needed it since a couple months after starting. I had my first MRI since starting a month ago and no new lesions. Good luck!

2 months ago

I had my first two infusions in Dec 2018. Fell and had a concussion in late Dec . Just getting over concussion symptoms so can’t really evaluate yet. No side effects and will do full infusion in June. Hopeful to improve balance.

2 months ago

@deb_beyer_klein I have just had my second half dose this week. Apart from very slight flushing to my face a feeling a bit sleepy when I got home from the infusion, I have felt absolutely fine. I had no idea how I was going to feel so planned to work from home but as it’s all been so straight forward (so far) I’ve carried on as normal. I swim most days so have kept that up with no problems. I’ve had a few late nights this week as had pre-planned things that I’d arranged prior to having my Ocrevus dates but I’ve managed these. I’m very aware that my immune system is compromised so am eating well and drinking lots of water and would avoid anyone if I knew they were unwell! MS wise I don’t really feel and different- I certainly don’t feel worse but can’t say I’ve noticed any change to symptoms. Fingers crossed all goes well for you

2 months ago

Thank you to everyone. My nerves are calming down reading these.

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