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Hey everyone I haven’t been on here for a long while I’ve been battling anxiety n depression I’m alot better now.
I had my lumbar worst experience of my life I was bed bound for a week the headaches were unreal!
Anyways I’ve been fine until a couple of days ago my lady bits n bottom have gone numb I’m still in control of everything but I just can’t feel when I’m actually going has anyone else experienced this? I’m finding it distressing as I’m worried I will lose control it’s never happened before Xx

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9 months ago

@vincentnancy88 , I can’t say that I’ve experienced problems with my lady-bits. But, it is important that you try and chill out. You don’t want to cause a self-fulfilling fantasy!

Distress and worry won’t help anything.

But, give your MS Nurse a call to let them know what’s going on and see what they suggest.

9 months ago

@vincentnancy88 So sorry you’ve experiencing this! I had numbness in that very spot during my last relapse. My feet went numb and when I woke up next morning, my lady parts were numb, just as you say, I could feel when I had to go and control it, but it was THE scariest part, as I kept fearing I’d lose control. This lasted for the first six weeks of the relapse, and subsided when I took IV steroids in the hospital. It was the first sensation to come back and I have never been so relieved to be able to urinate normally, with normal feeling.

Are you having a relapse?

9 months ago

Hi thanks for your comments I don’t know if I am I assume so? I have no understanding really of what a relapse entails? I’ve been diagnosed but I’m now waiting to see my nero after having my Lp he sent my results through the post and an app to see him which isn’t till December 🙄have spoken with my doc he said that’s not on so he’s pushing for the appointment to be bought forward I don’t know what type I have nothing.😑

9 months ago

Hello @vincentnancy88, really sorry you are going through this. I remember posting on here about tips for after the LP and I feel like it might have come across as being alarmist. But my God, like you, it was agony with the headaches so I can sympathise! He’s, deffo check with your nurseabout the numbness, glad all is still under control! You were only diagnosed this year; hopefully, this year will be marked at a future date as ‘the worst year’ and that what follows after is recovery and improvement. Getting over the diagnosis isn’t just about the first month, or even two after. It took me about a year to recover physically and accept the diagnosis. Then, to be honest, the second year has been much more light-hearted and with some real high points. Don’t suffer with anxiety alone, there’s lots of company and support here x

9 months ago

@vixen great post as always.
I haven’t experienced numbness in that area (yet), do you have a MS nurse allocated yet?
If it’s a relapse, I would inform either MS nurse or neuro so that they can offer steriods if they think it could be. Any other symptoms?
I’m new to this too – only diagnosed in June so I don’t really know the ins and outs of a relapse yet either.
If you are worried about losing control, I would put on a sanitry pad just to put your mind at rest.
Don’t do star jumps!! That makes me wee 😉

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