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My right arm keeps going numb and I have lost a lot of strength in it. I have had the summer off and have literally done nothing but I have just started uni and feel I am unable to hold and write with a pen properly. I haven’t had many relapses but this is soooo frustrating, I was just wondering if there are any treatments out there to help with this problem.

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4 years ago

@reynoldss , first things first, let your Uni know formally that you have MS. They will take this into consideration and they should provide assistance for you.

As to the numbness, also known as Dysaesthesia, or Paraesthesia, this is the brain providing incorrect signals to that part of the body, as it receives incorrect information from the nerve endings. The weakness is also caused by the same fault – your arm isn’t really weak, but your brain believes it is!

Do you find these “sensory” problems seem worse at times? They can be influenced by what you’ve been doing, e.g. when you’re over-tired or stressed.

It’s a case of finding a way to manage these symptoms. Finding a balance in life does help, i.e. a balanced lifestyle, with a balanced healthy diet. Not a lot of chance really, as you are a Uni student! 😆

You should have a chat with your MS Nurse and update them with these problems. They might suggest some medication to help or even refer you for some physio.

4 years ago

Yes, indeed, there may be that things can be done if it is a relapse, with current inflammation. As has been said, get some tumeric, I take a capsule a day. At the beginning of my last relapse I was coping with not being able to hold the phone at work and write a message. That has worn off now and hand is sore sometimes, but I don’t have those difficulties. I can’t write clearly, read my own writing or spell, but those things were always true!Good luck. If it is longer lasting then phisio may be able with your hand as they have done with my legs. Jx

4 years ago

Would also get the GP or hospital to refer you to physio. Not everything is MS and even if it is, they can often see things you can’t.
Apparently i hunched my shoulder which i had not realised, but she gave me exercises and it is helping.
I had awfull pain aggravateed by txting and trying to hold books. Switched to a smartphone and using a kindle and MUCh improved. sometimes we just need to make small changes.

4 years ago

Also, you’ve started a new routine, expecting your body to do different things and giving your MS brain lots to cope with. In my experience, any change of routine has an MS ‘price’. The symptoms could be just that. I bet you didn’t do too much writing in your summer off – and now you’re using those muscle groups all the time. And as @reddivine says, the MS weakness which is (unfortunately) part of the condition may have been made worse because you’re trying to compensate and thereby overusing/misusing ‘good’ muscles. Neuro physio would be a smart idea – it would clarify exactly what the weakness is down to and give you strategies to improve things. Good luck with it all.

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