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Numb Face

Hi first time I have posted but look regularly! Has anyone any experience of a numb face? I have been suffering for about 5 weeks and the best way I can describe it is a how you feel after having an injection at the dentist. It literally one side of my face One eye one side of my nose and lips even that side of scalp is tingly Hasn’t got any worse but no better. It is quite hard to drink hot drinks and I keep biting inside of cheek. I spoke to my MS nurse who sent me for a blood test to rule out any infection that came back clear. I have appointment with neurologist at end of month. I am pulling my hair out. After MS being diagnosed last May I was just about coping with heavy legs and fatigue but this is quite horrible. I am on no treatment at the moment. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Lisa x

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1 year ago

@lisa1267 , it sounds like it could be a “Bell’s Palsy”,

I had it many moons ago. It cleared up and there’s been no recurrence.

1 year ago

Those were my first symptoms. I got on a DMD ASAP and it helped me a lot.

1 year ago

Hi, that’s how my MS first manifested itself; it started with half a numb tongue and then the left side of my face (swiftly followed by zero balance!). I think it lasted about 7 weeks before my face felt normal. Hope it goes soon!

1 year ago

Could it be Trigeminal neuralgia?

1 year ago

I’ve also had this lovely symptom! Burnt the side of my face with a hair straightener and didn’t even notice 😒😒😒. Have never had it again ! Hope it passes soon xxx

1 year ago

Mine has not passed I have it every day since 2015

1 year ago

Thank you for your helpful comments! Today is the first morning I have woken up and feel there is a slight improvement so hopefully turned the corner. My legs feel heavier today tho!
@lozwo I feel your pain x

1 year ago

I’ve had numb everything from head to toe (including face and tongue). Usually clears up after a month or two.

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