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Does your leg ever feel “off”- like it feels as if it is numb, but it isn’t?

My right leg feels almost heavy and noticeably different from the left.

What is this considered and does anybody know what I’m talking about ?

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1 year ago

@dd11 , oh yes! Both of my legs have their moments. They’re difficult and heavy most of the time, but when they want to stop working, it feels as though my feet are glued to the floor.

It’s such fun…………… 😕

1 year ago

@dd11 I get this & like @stumbler it alternates between the legs. Just a general MS symptom I guess…

1 year ago

I sometimes – well alot touch my legs to see if they have gone numb and what it’s means. When I had an attack in March they went numb so I’m forever checking / worrying!
I get altered sensations all the time . Like my arm as though feels different to the other . It’s weird and you wonder is this a relaspe /flare up new lesion etc or just ms and everything okay !

1 year ago

My thighs get tingly then numb and a burning sensation at the same time. This happens usually when I stand or walk to long, but it can happen when I have only been standing for a minute. Potter

1 year ago

This was the first symptom of my current relapse! I got out of bed, walked to the bathroom and realised one leg feels different from the other. Now my left arm feels different to the right, almost as if I’m not properly in control of it.

1 year ago

I can say my legs feel as if they are metal legs i remember when i first felt that yrs ago thats how i described them metal legs lol thats what makes them 1% clumsy right now and thats also the reason why i go downstairs very slow.

1 year ago

My right leg always feels heavy and is the first to go if I over do it as it drags one step behind me!

1 year ago

My physio keeps reminding me that despite the altered sensations, it’s important to treat an MS limb as if it were unaffected- i.e. to keep using it as normally as possible. Despite the oddness, the muscles , tendons etc. are not in themselves weakened by the MS, but if you stop using the limb or force it into ‘unnatural’ positions, this will have an effect on your musculo-skeletal system. Then you get secondary disability. Great, eh? As I normally reply to her ‘Easier said than done when your leg feels like a sack of potatoes’. The exercises I have are supposed to imprint the natural movement patterns in the brain. They do help – if I stop doing them for any reason I find the movement range of my bad leg becomes smaller.

1 year ago

If you don’t mind I would like to jump on this post. My first symptom was transverse mylitis 3 years ago and I have not had a relapse since. For the past few weeks Ive also been checking my legs for altered sensations as sometimes it feels like someone is holding my knee or ankle. At night my legs ache or my feet burn or my hands tingle which has been disturbing my sleep. My lower back has also been hurting which has been sending slight spasms down the backs of my legs.
It’s making me really PARANOID I’m either having a relapse or this is PPMS.
I started Plegridy 5 months ago and my last mri last october showed no activity. Im hoping for another MRI next year.
I feel I still don’t know MS at all and what are exacibations or mini relapses!

11 months ago

Hi @dd11

Pretty sure most of us do know what you mean 🙂 Numbness can come and go but it always comes back.

Feeling it in my left hand fingers these days.

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