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Not UTI ?

Hi everyone

I need some advice please as I am struggling again. I have burning after urinating not during or a few seconds after like minutes after. I get real burning feeling and urine smells strong after like ammonia. I have an increased frequency throughout the day mainly, I have been to see GP but he puts it down to prostatits which I was diagnosed with 2013 before I was diagnosed with MS, so not confident it is prostate problem.

I have had uti test which was clear. Does anyone else get this?

Feel a bit lost in the system, I could have PSA test but that isn’t great due to not being that accurate and could end up on path that is unpleasant. This path may also interfere with my round 2 Lemtrada.

Any advice would be appreciated 🙂

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1 year ago

@andy365 , i have three suggestions which may help:-

1. Increase your water intake to flush out your system ; and/or

2. A Vitamin C supplement at night to address any bacteria in the urinary tract; and/or

3. Take the D. Mannose supplement, which creates an environment, unfriendly to bacteria.

Hope something helps.

1 year ago

Thanks Stumbler, I will look into those tips and hopefully they may help. I am drinking a lot of water already even thoe my brain is screaming noooo

Thanks mate

1 year ago

I have been taking a Vitamin C 500 mg at bedtime for 11 years and it works like a charm. I was having one bladder infection after another when I was diagnose. The infection didn’t always show up on the first test. The urologist recommended a 1000 mg of Vit C but it was to strong for me. The Vitamin C sits in your bladder and burns away any bacteria during the night. I also keep some Cystex bladder medicine around just in case but I don’t really need it. I understand there is a new preventive on the market made with pumpkin seeds. I also take a Cranberry supplement everyday, I use to drink a quart of low sugar cranberry juice when I got a infection. Potter

1 year ago

burning and strong smell sounds like a UTI & that won’t always show up if a GP just dipstick tests it,GP may not appreciate the importance of dealing with infections in MS. Stumbler is right to suggest lots of water however a UTI may exacerbate your MS symptoms therefore I would deal with it pronto, maybe your treatment nursing team may be more helpful than your GP.
UTI more likely than the big C methinks

1 year ago

I get uti’s a lot. Dipstick never shows up positive but culture does.

1 year ago

@andy365 , Have you been checked out for Diabetes at all?.
I have had similar issues with burning urine in the past, have had Type 1 Diabetes since the age of 11. Just an idea you may want to look into.

1 year ago

Thanks all, I do have monthly urine test as I have my Lemtrada monthly screening. Culture is always in the normal range and dip stick is always normal, very frustrating.

I will ask about diabetes as it’s worth a try but the burning is the least but the frequency is driving me nuts.

I have a month of antibiotics to take for the suspected prostatits so if it is infection it should clear it but it’s a long month if not 🙁

Thanks again your all wonderful 🙂

1 year ago

@andy365 , Neurologists will tell you that bladder incontinence is a symptom of MS. But, they seem reticent in referring you to a Urologist, who can confirm the problem and then start considering the options available to you.

MS can cause urine retention, which causes frequency incontinence. This is also a breeding ground for bacteria.

So, seek a Urology referral and take it from there.

1 year ago

Thanks Stumbler that’s good advice 🙂

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