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Not the norm!

Hi everyone! I’m new to all of this but have read a lot of posts/replies and the support on here is fab!
I was diagnosed November 16th but I’m very aware that I don’t seem to fit the usual pattern of diagnosis.
My symptoms began just over a year ago and when I visited my GP for the second time he set up an emergency referral to a neurologist.
I had my suspicions that MS was a possibility but certainly didn’t expect to come away from my initial consultation having it confirmed!
I have a positive Babinski reflex, RAPD, diplopia and spastic paraparesis (amongst other things) according to the follow up letter sent to the GP.
I don’t think it’s sunk in yet, probably because I thought I’d have to have further tests done first.
I was immediately referred to the specialist to begin meds and I’m just waiting for that appointment.
I have a brain and spine MRI with contrast on New Years Eve.
Has anyone else received a diagnosis from clinical examination alone?

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1 year ago

Neuro gave strong indication at first meet he thought MS.
Though would only confirm on MRI indications

I personally found it a relief to get a diagnosis (eventually)

I wish you well

You certainly seem to have positivity, strength and an inner calm

1 year ago

Hi @rhibaker83 and welcome.

That is a quick route to a diagnosis. Diagnosis has to satisfy the McDonald Criteria (, which it seems it does.

Neurologists are usually a bit more conservative in requiring additional proof from a MRI scan before a formal diagnosis is given.

1 year ago

Hi @rhinaker83, glad you’re onto this site! I went from ‘initial onset’ from the first episode of symptoms to diagnosis within four months. This included 2 MRIs and a lumbar puncture. Years ago, people took over a decade or more sometimes to get a diagnosis. MRIs have changed all of that. As you will know from research, DMTs are relatively new on the scene for people who were recently diagnosed. One thing I learned from Shift fairly rapidly s that there is no ‘normal’ or average anything in this business. I’ve been diagnosed coming up to a year now. I feel I’m doing well but am no closer to understanding what an average day looks like in this new world of us! All the best to you, sounds like you’re already on top of things as much as one could be, onwards and upwards hey!x

1 year ago

Well an optician refered my to a neurologest but he asked me to do an mri first then i was daignosed when i was 17 (2005) but my first symptoms has always been there since childhood with sight and balance.
MS is not the worst thing in the world if you enjoyed your life wisely.

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