4 years ago
Not my legs?????

Managed to get out for a short walk today. Strange thing is, with each step, it felt like they weren’t my legs doing the walking. If it wasn’t for the pain, I wouldn’t have known they were mine. I also felt like the upper part of my body was falling off them at times. Another sensation was like I was seemingly getting lower as I walked. Very strange!

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You did well getting out, @pottypete. In a way, we could be considered fortunate – we get all the benefits of feeling drunk, without the financial cost! 🙄

It was worse than being boozed up, haha.

I think I’d take the financial cost and the hangover! At least it would be my fault! 😳

I’ve had something similar but not as intense. It went with tingling and pins and needles. I find that exercise is as good as anything for eliminating/reducing sensory symptoms. Emotional state can set it off as well. I very rarely get anything if I’m fully occupied/engaged/enjoying myself. What a strange condition this is. Hope you’re feeling better in yourself, apart from the funny legs!


nice one pete hope it sorts it self out soon

Getting lower? I have a vision of the shrinking pottypete…Seriously even a little walk is good.

Hahaha, it was the weirdest of sensations. I’ve not had it before and just thought I’d share it for a laugh. I am getting about a lot better than I have been of late. That’s something I’m really happy about, even if it just hundred yards with my stick, followed by exhaustion.

Well done on getting out mate! I feel for you, my right leg gets decidedly dodgy some days though I can manage short walks like the shops though sometimes it plays up worse, other days it’s not so bad.

I’ve also had some really strange sensory stuff happen. One time my brain decided to tell my face that I was breathing out sideways through my cheek lol now that was very very wierd!

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