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Not about MS

This isn’t about MS,I just need a rant because I’ve seen something that has really grinder my gears. I was annoyed when they banned plastic straws and instead we have to have paper ones that go mushy,then they took away drinking coke in cafes and restaurants, that’s fine I’m confused but I’m even fine with them taking away ear buds,what I’m not okay with is people saying “grief isn’t a good enough excuse for letting a ballon off in the air for a loved one that’s passed away” and getting that banned. I’m sorry but if I had a child and they were grieving for a parent I certainly wouldn’t care about the environment, I would let that balloon go knowing my child thought it was going to heaven to see that departed person. I think this has gone crazy now just let the people grieve however they want.

Sorry guys just ignore me

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10 months ago

@ebaldwin, you’re well within your rights to moan about this one.

This is the same government that suddenly find the money to fire expensive missiles around, whilst declining drugs as too expensive.

What damage do these missiles do?

So, I understand your feelings. 😕

10 months ago

Thank you 😊

10 months ago

Yes @ebaldwin, it feels like things are going nuts at the moment, I’ve no idea how it will end. I get that in little ways we can all make a difference to the world, but if you ask me, bigger things should take priority.

10 months ago

i share your frustration about them banning everything these days, especially the plastic straws! i have limited use of my hands and can no longer hold a glass or a cup. the only way for me to drink independently is with a straw. and the paper ones are rubbish. i’m all for the environment, but if i can no longer get a plastic straw in a restaurant, then it impacts negatively on my quality of life.

10 months ago

Thanks guys I thought I was the only one who didn’t like the idea of getting rid of plastic straws but you have reassured me I’m not crazy 😝

10 months ago

@ebaldwin I share your thoughts. I bought 200 straws & now take my own to pubs \ cafes. I don’t mind spilling everywhere & leave for the staff to clear & give free refills.

9 months ago

I was wondering about the pastic straws, the metal and glass alteratives won’t suit everyone.

I had a look online and came across 250 biodegradable straws for £2. Made from ‘Cellulose additive’ and will break product down after disposal. Suitable for hot and old drinks apparently,

has anyone tried these? thanks.

9 months ago

It’s on the BBC webpage today about pasta drinking straws. Drinking straws made from gluten pasta or gluten-free pasta.

This seems a great idea.

9 months ago

It’s just the single-use plastics that need to be replaced, not all plastics. As @poppy says, straws can be made out of all sorts of biodegradable materials – it’s a big business opportunity for someone.

Alternatively it’s just as easy to use a reusable plastic straw which can be washed alongside all the other cutlery.

Just to be philosophical and a bit political for a moment, we’re all suffering from what is generally considered a ‘modern’ disease, brought about in the main by environmental changes over the last few generations. Refined sugars, cows milk, processed foods and pollution are all examples of these changes and so is disposable plastic, which turns out not to be disposable at all.

I think we need to look after future generations by addressing the harm caused by all of these changes.

9 months ago

I don’t think plastic straws are going to stop people from having MS

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