walkermonique 15/04/17
Last reply 10 months ago

Does anybody get dizziness from loud noises? It mainly happens to me when I’m tired but loud noises mess up my balance and I get vertigo.

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10 months ago

My balance is fecked at the moment full stop 😂 it does seem to be worse when I’m tired tho not noticed loud noises making it any worse. I keep trying to set off out the blocks like that usane bolt dude but my legs are about 30 steps behind I keep kissing the floor 😂 It’s a learning curve I think a bloody steep one, at 6 ft 3 it’s a long way down “phookin Timber!!!!”. Being tall has its disadvantages too people even more so when your a big clumsy Numpty. Just nice to have a excuse now he he

10 months ago

Thank god I’m short. I knew it was for a reason 😂 My favorite is when you go to step forward lose balance and end up stepping backwards. My balance is shot too. At least I’m a cheap drunk – no alcohol needed for crazy walking

10 months ago

Yes any noise is bad right now for me. Someone talking when I’m concentrating on walking and keeping my balance totally knocks me off but I am going thro a relapse. X

10 months ago

@walkermonique , it could be what I call sensory overload. Your brain is trying to interpret too much information, so something has to suffer……..

10 months ago

i cant walk while someone is talking to me 😀 although i am a communicative person 😀 as i read in one of the comments above i mostly concentrate on my walks, sometimes i count left, right, left right and so on 😀 i dont have any trouble with noises, i listen to music and such things but i must admitt that i have an uncomfortable reaction if someone shuts the door or shouts. In that case i drop everything i am holding :/ nevertheless i dont believe this is because of ms just my frightened personality 😀

10 months ago

My brain activity fails when too much noise and a little tired. No multi tasking available. Trying to type with the TV on is a struggle, cant think through the noise.

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