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No Symptoms?

Hi everyone, I’m new to all of this, so be nice! 🙂

I’ve only recently been diagnosed with MS (well the neurologist is 90% sure) and I’ve only had one relapse since my initial first episode. Since my recovery from the relapse, I don’t seem to have any day to day symptoms at all.

Was just wondering if that’s how it usually plays out at the start of the MS journey? Is it normal not to have any symptoms until the next relapse?


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6 years ago

Well everyone is different with how MS affects them. I had loads of symproms for about 3-4 months after my first relapse. Now i have not felt MSie for a while reallt, yes I had an upset when I went on my bike in the heat but every day life I am fine. Take each day as it comes. 🙂

6 years ago

Hi @igc2491

That sounds so formal. Do you mind if I call you igc?

As @danrb80 says, everyone’s experience with MS is different. Some people have significant symptoms right from the start, others have virtually nothing. There is no “how it usually plays out”. When I was first told that by my Neurologist, I didn’t completely get it – I kept thinking that there MUST be a pattern, there must be a typical prognosis. But after my experience with MS over the last few years, and reading about others’ experiences, I’m finally getting it.

You might go for years without any more symptoms. Equally, you might wake up tomorrow and find you’ve got completely different challenges ahead of you. That is the joy that is MS. That’s why everybody you speak to with experience of MS progression will tell you to not worry about it. Live for today. If you’ve been given a 90% DX, then be thankful for your symptom free life, make the most of it. Don’t waste your time worrying about what might be ahead. Because it might not be…

Mark 🙂

6 years ago

I totally agree with Mark. I get days sometimes weeks when I’ll not notice anything happening MS wise. This has spread out to months at times. Then my MS plays games with me, ( I have memory problems ) I forget I have it and then, Bingo! It’ll surprise me with something and I’m left thinking ‘What’s causing this?’. Then I get a ‘kerching!!!’ moment and remember.
I’ve had long periods of bad relapse too, lasting years, before going into remission again.
You just never know how it’s going to behave.
There are people who have MS who will never get any noticable symptoms in their lifetime. It’s just that sort of condition.

So, live for the day.

Never give in, never surrender.

6 years ago

Hey @icg2491! I had one episode back in November (when they tried to diagnose me) and literally nothing since then. I’m still undiagnosed (will find out for sure in a few weeks) but, yeah, I’m completely symptom free, except for what I call Picasso-vision in my right eye– a small, blurry patch that my opthalomogist says might not be MS related. So, who knows?

But, like everyone else has been saying, it affects everyone differently which makes it a real bear to diagnose and treat. If your medical team things it’s MS, though, I’d say go with it because without treatment it can be aggrevated.

6 years ago

Thanks guys and dolls!

6 years ago

I was diagnosed in February after a bad relapse. Looking back I had symptoms 5 years ago with my first relapse 2 years ago (although at the time just thought it was a fluke vertigo incident). All this time in between I had no symptoms at all and never a clue I may have ms. This year, after my relapse I have had minor daily symptoms that seem to constantly change and another relapse this month. So…. you never know what tomorrow will bring. Which is why I can’t get enough of Jason Mraz’s song “Living in the Moment.”

6 years ago

My first noticeable relapse in 2007 only lasted a few weeks and compared to the relapses I get now…wasn’t that bad. Severe fatigue, MS hug, and my left arm tingled on and off. Then after something like three weeks…it all went away. No symptoms or issues what-so-ever. With the exception of mild spasticity in my back, neck, and shoulders….but at the time it didn’t bother me too much and I didn’t realize it was anything but regular muscle knots.
I didn’t have another relapse until 2011. So I went 4 years with little to no symptoms.

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