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No man's land

After years of been messed about I’ve finally got a diagnoses of ms. People can’t understand me because I’m relived as i can’t help not been able to not do things. I use to think i was clumsy/lazy. Ever route i have gone down i have been ignored. After going private for a consultation the neurologist put me under him and sent me for tests. So now I’m not at my local hospital even though the one I’m at is near to me. Then after a eye test i was referred to my local hospital who gave me the results to see the ms nurse the following week. the nurse said it was not linked to my ms she also was not really interested and asked me what i was doing there and told me to go back to my doctor to get another referral. So four months later i was back at another hospital who was not interested either and had me waiting around to say it was my ms. Then this week I’ve been back to see the consultant who told me he was surprised the ms nurse (that he told me to contact) was seeing me as i was out of the area. I’m willing to go to her so what is the problem. Also when i showed him my first results for my eye problem straight away he said it was my ms. With all the messing around and hospitals not talking to each other if there not in the same trust, i carry copies all results round with me. Rant over i could go on forever.

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1 year ago

@dashernot , it would be nice to think that your experience is an isolated incident, but it’s not!

It’s no wonder the NHS is building up a deficit when it wastes money like this.

I bet you’re glad to get that off your chest. 😉

1 year ago

Hi @dashernot

Sorry to hear you’ve had such a difficult time. The NHS do a lot of great things but they do also seem to be really good at wasting a lot of their own & our time & Energy!

Hope the rant helped & you have better luck in the future 😊

1 year ago

@stumbler and @lilbird Rant over thanks. I didn’t think i would be the only one. I agree the nhs do some good things, a lot of it i put down to the person whose dealing with you at the time. I have found this site useful as well as funny at times.

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