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Next People's Hot Topic

Hi folks, hopefully you can see the poll on the r/h side of this page, and on the homepage of the website. It’s your chance to vote on the next People’s Hot Topic. When the winning topic is decided, you can submit your questions and we’ll get them answered by an expert on video in the next few weeks. So cast your votes! 🙂

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Cannabis and MS has been discussed till the cows come home. Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that maybe, let’s talk about sex……..

(If no-one knows that song, this will look very creepy!)

I do know that song, and it’s now playing on loop in my head…

You might subconsciously choose the topic yourself now 🙂

I’m with u on this one, DJD!


Lmao! DJD that was awesome! I agree…I’ve seen both topics on this site discussed…but I think Cannabis has been covered fairly well.

I am voting sex!! I need to know whether or not im normal (as this has been an issue with my bf and i) and i need to know how to explain to him too!!

Sex seems to be winning.. lol, although cannabis seems to be close behind! 😀

As I think reddevine posted in an earlier thread, this forum is called ‘sex, drugs and rock n roll’ Bring on the sex topic!!! From what I gather….none of us are shy!!!

Smoking after sex would suggest that the logical order of these two subjects is correct! 🙂

I cannot get that damn song out my head now – subliminal messaging or what – are u sure u are not in advertising DJD?!!???!?!?

Lol, hell no….. just a DJ that knows what people want to listen to! Is important to make sure the crowd keep dancing 😉

@stumbler……do we take it you have done loads of research on the sex vs cannabis issue??? Heh heh!

I can’t say I ever smoked after sex – well, to be honest, I never looked!


Yeah this is one topic that is crushing our relationship

Did someone mention sex? Apologies, I’ve got a wife, no can do…

Hey Gav,

Are you suggesting married people no longer have sex? I am married and the more I can understand what is happening in that department, the better the communication with my beloved…


My sex life has definitely changed since the onset of symptoms and I would love the chance to have the subject brought up and discussed

Ah @stumbler…reminds me of a Fenella Fielding line from one og the Carry On movies….
“do you mind if I smoke?” she says sexily…(this was pre-anti smoking)
“Not at all”
She smoulders gently….literally.

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