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Newly Diagnosed

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with MS this week. I have had symptoms for almost 3 months but this new one is driving me crazy! I guess it’s called the MS hug which feels like something is constantly squeezing my stomach. Any pointers on what has helped you deal with this? Looser clothing definitely helps but only puts a little relief in the feeling. TIA!

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9 months ago

Hi @silvergyrl and welcome.

The MS Hug is an annoying symptom. There’s some details and suggestions to manage it here :-

9 months ago

I had MS hug for 3 months one summer, then it disappeared. This was before I was diagnosed so I no idea what was going on. I was working outside that summer, my doctor told me I was drinking to much caffeine. If I’d known I had MS I would have cut out the ice tea and working outside. Potter

9 months ago

Hi @silvergyrl

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. MS Hug is a nasty old part of MS and is close to the top of my list of most annoying /stubborn MS symptoms. I believe it varies a bit from person to person, but I get the “squeeze” around the stomach as well as a really odd sort of feeling as if I’ve been sucker punched or stabbed (changes from time to time) in the gut.

My MS nurse first put me on Duloxotine for the neuropathic pain but I told her after about 2 weeks that it helped as much as hitting my head against a wall. I was then put on Gabapentin which seemed to work for a few weeks, but after that everything went right back to normal. Having said this, I would still definitely ask your MS nurse if there’s anything she could prescribe to help with it, as everyone is different!

As far as how to manage, I’m afraid I can’t help you there. I’ve had it for so long it has basically become part and part of daily living. I guess you learn to ignore or turn a blind eye (no pun intented) to these things.

9 months ago

Hello @silvergyrl, and hello from the UK. I was diagnosed last year and my constant everyday symptom has been a really firm grip of my leg, just above the knee. It’s not devastating or anything but for nearly two years I have felt like I am walking around 23/7 with a toddler gripping my leg. In truth, I have just learned to switch off from it and accept its part of the new me. When I am busy, or distracted it ‘goes away’ when actually what happens is that I’m not thinking about it. Mind over matter can deffo go some way….. 🙂

9 months ago

Im so glad I read your post. Ive had a squeezing feeling in my stomach area for a long time but when Ive read info on the Hug It wasnt clear that this could be a symptom. Ive had scans and test to rule out any problems and they have been clear so I can only presume it is the MS hug now, so thank you so much for your post

9 months ago

@sarah_irwin I’ve had it for two weeks now. With good days and bad days, but it’s quite constant. I’m glad I was able to help you realize a symptom that has been ailing you! I’ll let you know if I find anything that gives me relief.

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