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Newly Diagnoised

Hello, im Adam Owen, 21 and live in thrapston northamptonshire. this year has been really difficult for me and quite stressfull as well. it all started with a car crash in february which luckily noone else was involved in its was down to the ice and snow. then 2 months later i was out on my pushbike and fell off due to a car passing me too closely. After this fall i had struggled walking and my balance made it difficult to get around the housse. i was thn signed off work for 5 weeks and spent 2 in hospital. im now able to walk without the help of crutches or a walking stick but my left leg still tembles every now and then. also it sometimes feels as if my left leg takes that extra second to respond to me walking which can be quite frustrating. My right hand also feels slower as if its slightly swollen whats a massive pain when your right handed. i recieved my diagnosis on the 10th july what was RRMS and am due to see my ms neurologisit on the 14th August. im wondering if anyone might have some similar symptons and might be able to share their coping mechanisms.

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9 months ago

Hi @adamanowen

Welcome to our exclusive club!
To be honest no one wants to be here, But here we are.
From reading your profile you’ve had a bit of a bumpy journey to get here…….so please be carefull when you type 🙂
Feel free to ask any thing you like, someone will have an answer.
My right leg behaves in the same way as yours.
I wear a foot/ankle brace to stop my foot from dropping , it helps a lot but still need to use a walking stick.
Ask your GP or MS nurse to get you on Physio Training they should be able to assit you with relevant exercises and orthotics that you sound like you require.
The more enlightend members will say hello soon.
Keep smilling mate it helps.

9 months ago

Hello @adamanowen, sorry you’ve had such a rough time. You haven’t mentioned it but I assume you had MRIs and a lumbar puncture to get a diagnosis?

Many people who are diagnosed with RRMS do so following a trauma or illness, which seems to trigger the first noteqble relapse, so that’s probably what happened to you. As this has all happened to you within the last six months, you are most likely still post-relapse, or still in the stages. That means hopefully that you’ll continue to recover. Your system -and you – have had a terrible shock, so it’s really important that you look after yourself and heal properly. It’s easy to push yourself hard, but try not to overdo it. This is all so new, but you will get through it. Your neuro will hopefully refer you to an MS nurse, and talk to you about possible treatments. This is an exciting world in the field of MS research as huge advances have been made with treatments which simply did not exist 20 or 30 years ago. You will be OK, please ask any questions, there is lots of support here for you x

9 months ago

@adamanowen , I can’t add anything to the advice before.

Rest and recuperation is what is required, so be kind to yourself. Yes, some moderate exercise will be OK, but you could do with an assessment by a Neuro-physio. This would allow you to do simple targeted exercises, to address any specific weaknesses.

You’re young and therefore have age on your side, which bodes well. But, do ask the Neuro about a Neuro-physio referral…………

9 months ago

Hi Adam and welcome. You been given all the advice already and I can’t put it any better but did you know your accidents probably caused the onset of your ms? We are born with the ms but it takes a ‘major trauma ‘ to our body to set it off hence the 60/40 split on women to men with ms cos men don’t menstruate or get pregnant! Was anyone to blame for your first accident? The precedent has been set in the courts, a few years ago a middle aged lady was shunted from behind in her car. Very serous whiplash, 6wks later the ms arrived. She went to court, with the support of her consultant and won big damages, worth investigating?😍

9 months ago

I’ve had MS diagnosis of RR since Jan 2011.

My first advice is, ask ask ask ask and talk to people.
I don’t just mean relevant people, I talk a lot.

Doing this when getting my treatment helped me to get a free walking stick from the hospital where I get my treatment. (Salford Royal)

Before diagnosis I had my right eye permanently turned in, which I happen to be able to do on demand, (if the wind changes it will stay like that is a comment I used to hear in my childhood) Ahem, I was limping on my right leg, due to neurological swelling I believe and slurring my words.
I didn’t notice it but I’d be heckled in pubs with comments like “Ooh he’s had one to many” or “He’s pi***d”.
I was oblivious to these, but my now wife was not.

I have no idea what caused me to contract MS but I suspect it could be I was in a very stressful job. Thing is I didn’t really get affected by the stress. I also worked very long hours.

Who knows what causes MS, No-one.
Good luck pal, try to keep your friends close, you’ll discover who they are.

Not sure I’ve helped in anyway but good luck.


9 months ago

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the late response to all your comments its been a busy week. thank you for all of the advice from everyone. I have my neurologist appointment tommorrow where i was told id be finding out about the plan for me. 🙂

Thanks again everyone

9 months ago

My pleasure.

Not sure if you’d be interested but I’ve heard of people coming off meds by leading a healthy lifestyle.

Eating certain foods, not eating certain foods.

Not sure if you need decent amount of money to lead and maintain but in hospital a nurse told me of a man whom has done this.

Just thought I’d mention it.

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