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New to this MS advice please

Hi all

I’m from Ireland and was diagnosed with MS two years ago..I went on Copaxone almost straight away..I’ve had my little son almost a year ago and thankfully no relapses but I have found I’m a bit staggery when I get up out of bed or have been sitting down..I also find I can’t walk long distances as my leg will drag..I’m very frightened..I would love to have a second baby but I am scared for what’s after it..I don’t want to lose the use of my legs..I can’t exercise like o used too as my legs aren’t able for it.,anyone else in the same boat or some advice for me re having baby number two..staying well etc??

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9 months ago

Hi @derbhala and welcome,

Don’t let MS start to rule your life. If you want a second child to complete your family, then why not?
Everybody, MS or not, is fearful of the future, as no-one knows what’s round the next corner.

Do you have an MRI scan scheduled at all? Your Neuro should be asking for one, to see how your MS is progressing. And, to review your treatment, to see if the Copaxone is doing a good job and then to consider a more effective treatment, if appropriate.

9 months ago

Hi stumbler I had an mri in June of last year after having my baby they said it wasn’t active and in remission I had no new lesions etc and I have one this June..thanks for ur positivety

9 months ago

Howya Derbhala
I use to drag my leg when I was able to walk far used to love walking cycling golf i now use crutches a walker and now I have a wheelchair for distance i will still try
Walk as far as I can to stay on my feet keep exercising the legs for as long as I can
I am at the secondary progressive MS stage i have pins and needles in both hands now I wear a second skin glove on my left arm down to my hand i will need one for my right arm hand I am like Luke Skywalker going around the only advice i can
give you is not to give up keep fighting

9 months ago

We had to decide not to have a second child because of my MS. I found out I have MS 6 months after the birth of our daughter. Back then I had nisthagmus and serious balance problems. I started treatment with Copaxone, but had 2 relapses in 6 months; so I switched to Gilenya. My sight is back to normal, my balance is not as it used to be but it doesn’t bother me in normal life (except during yoga). But since then I am extreemly tired, too tired to be active for more than a few hours, spread over my day.
I had a few conversations with my neurologist about having a second child. She was worried that I would end up in a wheelchair if I had a serious relapse in the same region in my brain. So this really worried me, since I feel like a absent mum already. It would also not be duable for my partner to take care of 2 kids on his own, since I really have to rest most of the day. So it really, still, brackes my heart, but we had to make the hard decision to count our blessings and accept the fact that more kids isn’t an option for us.
But if I wasn’t so tired I guess we would have tried to expand our family, so I would ask your neurologist for advice, I know a few people who had kids after getting diagnosed.

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