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New to this…….

Hi to all of you who read this. I am a Canadian who lives with MS now for just over a year. I live in an area of Canada that they tell me has a very high concentration of MS. I am a very optimistic person and it is very hard to get me down but I have to say lately I have never felt more alone in all of this. I find that the people who should have the best understanding about this can’t seem to tell me anything and have now pretty much wiped their hands clean of me (meaning doctors of course). I refuse to take pharmaceuticals b/c i just don’t trust them and because of that the doctors have pretty much dropped me. Until i have a relapse. So where i stand now is with one leg that doesn’t want to function properly a tremendous amount of pain constantly unable to work and living in a country with a government that will only pay me for 15 weeks to be “sick” a disability program offered through this government that is substandard b/c the application process takes 6 months. And no guarantee that i will get accepted b/c my MS is relapsing remitting. Does anyone else seem to have the same problems as me or am i really just that alone? It is more the frustration with my own countries governing bodies that seem to be making my MS react worse than anything else.

Well after all of hat i thank you for bearing with me through this to the bitter end and that you for wasting a part of your day to read it. I guess i feel a bit better now.

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5 years ago

Hi @Temmerman84, I can’t comment about the state of Canadian bureaucracy. We have some Canadian members so I’ll leave it to them.
But, we have out own bureaucratic hoops that we need to jump through. Plus we have an enormous budget deficit, which means that the UK definition of disabled is becoming far more stringent.
So, welcome to our piece of cyber-space, populated by people who understand your feelings a frustrations. Take a seat, kick of your shoes and hang around.

5 years ago

Well thank you for the warm welcome. It is nice to have come across this b/c i live in a very small community (200-300 people) and it is very easy to get everyone’s opinion even when you don’t ask for it. It is nice to get the outside view. So i hope i will be bumping into some more people. Take care

5 years ago

u are so not alone!!! I’m in the states so its different! I wanted to move to Canada because I thought you guys had better health coverage!? but from what I’m reading I guess not! believe me. I have to jump through hoops to get help! but I’m lucky and got it! I just want u to know u ARE NOT ALONE!!

5 years ago

Hi there just wanted ti wish you a very warm welcome all the best femke xxx

5 years ago

Welcome, @Temmerman84! I hope you start to feel less alone now that you’ve found us here! Everyone I’ve “met” here is absolutely brilliant, supportive and friendly.

5 years ago

I m from canada too, Quebec.I was accepted for disability even with rrms ,took 9 weeks.In quebec my medecine is free.They even give me 16,000$ to modify my house for wheelchair and the wheelchair was free. You should contact ms society luck.

5 years ago

You are not definitely alone. I spent 7 weeks in hospital and I have realized that I have friends. I am on benefits, it took quite some time, but it all worked out. Please do not stress yourself sick, because that the worst you can do. I bet that my last relapse was partly because of my anxiety and stress.

5 years ago

I just wanted to say thank you to every one who posted in response to my babble. And i must also thank you all for the support i felt after getting even the first response. I can say that since this has all happened i have never felt like anyone really understood me and what i have been dealing with. Now i know that i am not the only one out there and i have to thank you for all letting me know that. This last week since i have joined this community i can say the “light at the end of this tunnel” has never seemed so bright. I don’t think i can stress enough how much of an impact all your words have had on me.

So once again thank you all.

5 years ago

I think all people with ms who discover the shift site feel an unequivocable sense of great hope and the burden of carrying the weight of it all by themselves to some degree lifted.

It’s akin to being in bed next to patients in a hospital, you can bond and share feelings about things because your there for the same reasons to some extent.

Very pleased you have found this also Temmerman84 and welcome to the club! 🙂

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