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new to MS and lost

hey guys. im 37 and diagnosed last november after i knew what was going on (im sure youve heard this part over and over) but i lost my job as a home builder for 21 years and could no longer play all the sports i was able to months before. now im looking for work and noone will hire.
any tips on how you guys over came this if it happenes to you. im sick to death of sitting around watching my savings go down like they are.

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11 months ago

Hello @scott-l. This is such a shock, and a shocking thing to happen. Everything is happenening at once for you so it’s a rough time all right. I’m afraid I don’t know how things work over there, has your medical team been able to advise on next steps?

The toughest thing about being in our position, is that it becomes like you’re waging a war by, or for yourself. Once the dust settles, you will need to find yourself in a place where you can be in control of making choices. For example, I’ve been diagnosed a year. I want to work less and to make that happen, we need to downsize and relocate. Some people feel sad about that, but I see it like I’m making a decision for a better quality of life. It’s really tough, but rather than think about what could have been, you need to focus on what could be, and work at bringing that about. You and me, we didn’t ask for this infliction, but with help and support, we will deal with it. Stay strong, look after yourself and keep posting on here and asking questions x

11 months ago

Hi @scott-l and welcome.

You need some “local” advice from some of our Canadian members.

11 months ago

thanks for the reply vixen. my neuroligist says to get government assistance. but i am not like that.
i was rasied to earn my keep and its tough to see this spiral downwards like this and the constent rejection on prospective emplyment due to no experience on the fact of having a disability.
so really not sure what to do.

11 months ago

Was you insured if not there are loads of organisations which will help or you could work in a call centre admiral are supposed to be flexible I had to give up my job twice its boring hanging around

11 months ago

Hi scott, watching the savings go down is no joke, but I have been doing this for a lot of years. I know things are different in Canada, but even in the good old mother country we have to fight for everything. I own my own house, but I can’t afford to heat it in winter. We have a saying here ” heat or eat ” and it comes down to that choice sometimes ! I am having to take in a lodger to make ends meet, I am 62 and if I make it to 66 I shall be a “rich bitch” because our government in its wisdom has decided if you are a pensioner there is a lower limit on which you cannot live so they give you extra money, I live well below that limit, but being too young and disabled doesn’t make a difference. So we all have our crosses to bear, you will find something you can do, might even get paid for it!😍 The call centre mentioned by briant sounds like a good starting point.

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