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New symptom: numb tingly hot/cold thigh

I’m terrified..for the past two nights my right thigh gets tingly,numb and hot or cold (I can’t really differentiate) it happens when I go to bed.It goes away when I get up and doesn’t return till bedtime.My MRI was mild and my nerve tests were excellent so I’m confused and I’m afraid my leg will give out or I won’t be able to walk on it,even though I’m feeling no weakness,just the numbness in bed at night.I begin Techfedera soon but I’m still frightened about this new symptom…

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4 years ago

Hi jessa,

I hope your doing ok? Honestly about the leg, I know personally I’d ignore it and just keep hoping. But not every one is me so you do what’s right for yourself certainly if you feel unwell or anything like that you should just go and see your normal doctor about it if you cant see your neuro right away. But other than that I dont know your medical or circumstantial background. So I can only speak for my experience. And that is ive had a pretty broad range of sensations and weird pains and tingles and burning and you know the works. Every time something new comes up I just think that one of the many scars on my brain has just hit the right precise part of my brain to cause such interruption or effect on the corresponding nerves and this is the feeling of the effect. Nothing I can do but carry on until I experience any such effect that stops me from living properly. Ie. Like when I had optic neuritis, one eye blind, unacceptable, off to the doctor. Anything else I can ignore I do because what else am I or you or anyone supposed to do? Thats all.

4 years ago

I recommend to notice if anything else may have contributed to the feeling. Diet, exercise, may be factors.

My hands and feet were numb/tingling right before I was diagnosed. The tingling in my feet went away but my hands have tingled (sometimes it was very noticible and others not as much) for almost 3 years.

I think of the tingling as one of the things I track and discuss with my neurologist (along with my other symptoms).

4 years ago

@jessa my personal experience over the past few months of having these symptoms was… scared shitless like urself, wondering what was going on and what is going to happen. Now a few months down the line i think ok so this is now part of life, it irritates the fcuk outta me but stressing makes it feel worse and possibly brings on more symptoms. So now, I try ignore it, it’s here for life and the burning, tingling, cramps, numbness, coldness, foggy eye (my main day to day symptoms) is just there it’s a part of me and now I just have to manage it and that way I find I forget about it most days.

So my advice for you, make notes, seek advice from the professionals if ur worried or if it’s a new symptom uv not felt before, learn to manage your ms by not over doing it and as mcgilligan above said think of diet, exercise etc n anything that may have contributed to make it worse or what may make u feel better then include or illuminate it!

Just Try not to stress about these things as they will make it worse, carry on with life be strong and fight it 😀

4 years ago

I do experience similar things to yours Jessa. Not every night but sometimes my tingly foot feels it’s frozen around bed times and I end up going to bed with a normal pair of socks on each foot and an extra winter fluffy sock on the cold foot and it still feels cold. And the weather isn’t tactfully cold rather pretty mild for autumn.
It’s quite disturbing when it happens but I always check whether the clothes/socks not too tight, or my body position isn’t cramped, so my blood circulation is good.
Hope this sensation will settle soon and you’ll feel better!

4 years ago

@jessa, as everyone here is saying, symptoms are unpredictable, but we do know they get worse with stress. Think about it: you’ve coped with a diagnosis and are now in a kind of second limboland waiting for drugs. Your body is protesting!! It’s been through a lot and it wants to repair and recover, while your mind is racing ahead to all the uncertainties that the future might bring! I don’t suppose you’ll REALLY be able to relax till you’ve had more conversations with your medical team and are on treatment. That will mark a definite point, because the neuros will start a monitoring process – they and you will be able to chart improvements and – bit by bit – you’ll start getting your life back. Reduced feelings of stress in combination with a proven drug may put an end conclusively to these symptoms. Until then, keep a (simple) symptom diary in a form that you can hand over to the medical team. That should help them and it will be more productive for you than fretting about what might and might not be. Big hugs x Kay

2 years ago

This has a very interesting cure to share. I was intrigued so am sharing it as the numbness or pain or needled feeling in the thigh region is something that I also suffer from. It has been aggravated recently since I took up long walks and a bit of jogging to shed some weight!

I am familiar with the use of leeches for therapy though it is the first time that I have heard of it being used for the meralgia paresthetica condition. I understand that it is a regular medical intervention in the Greek/Herbal medicine traditions and there has been thousands of years of practice to prove it is benign. Am surely going to try this!

Hope someone benefits from the info!

Best regards.

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