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New Medication

I was on Tecfidera but I’d rather not be on immunosuppressive drugs. The issue is from what I’ve seen (via MSdecisions) most cause dampening of the immune system (so all immunosuppressive?)

Are there any others that work without doing that? Obviously the nature of MS means it will be a common treatment path, but one of them may help via a different approach.

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1 year ago

I believe the new treatment Ocrevus works in a different way than a autoimmune suppresive. I haven’t research it very much yet my neuro is happy with how well I am doing on Tec. Ocrevus at first said it was for PPMS now they are including RRMS in the treatment plans. I am sure Stumber will know more about this subject. Potter

1 year ago

Ocrevus has the following definition:-

“The treatment targets B-lymphocytes, a type of immune cell, that express a protein called CD20 on their surface, giving the drug an immunosuppressive function. It is designed to reduce the rates of immune system attacks on myelinated neurons, the main trigger of the disease.”

So it seems it does work in a different way, but it is still an autoimmune suppressive……….

@jonnydrama Did you have any particular issues with Tecfidera? My wife is on Tec and her lymphocyte counts dropped but not a huge amount so far. Most of these drugs only target lymphocytes in the blood and not in your lymph nodes so usually your immune system is able to ward off most infections and virus’s pretty well.

If you want some simple explanations of how the various medications work, consider glancing at these quick youtube videos from Aaron Boster (they are a 1-2 minute whiteboard video on a number of DMTs):

1 year ago

Thank you for the videos I’ll have a look. To be honest I had no issues with the Tec (apart from blushes in the first week) it’s just the immunosuppressive element that puts me off. I want to avoid trade offs as much as possible. That being said I’m not so sure I can avoid it if I wish to use DMDs (which I’d like to).

Fwiw we looked at some of the worst things that happen with each medince. Most are rare but some are bad and not super uncommon. We found that the worst cases of Tecfidera were generally less common or less bad. Even though tec has pml there are strategies of monitoring to minimize risk. Even though there is potential liver damage it’s also easy to watch and people that got it recovered fully from it.

So bottom line for us: Didn’t matter how the medince worked just how managble and avoidable were the risks while still being effective. All else being equal what could we stop and start easily without consequences. That’s how we landed on Tecfidera for now.

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