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New Here – G'day from WA!

Hello everyone 🙂 I am new and not diagnosed, I’ve had my MRI and going to docs tomorrow to see what’s going on. Everything points to MS 🙁 but still uncertain as there can be so many other illnesses/diseases with similar symptoms. I haven’t had paralysis yet but all the tingling, itchy, clumbsiness when turning corners, whole left side is weak. Back pain from sitting all day in an office. MUCH worse a week before a period. I have 2 questions… 1. If I don’t have any lesions on my MRI is that a 100% no for MS. Also my eyesight had just ot suddenly bad a year ago and seems to get worse, seems to be bad when the light is bright. It’s more my reading vision if that makes sense. Does this sound like the start of progressive degeneration or does it have to be blurry no matter what circumstances. Appreciate your help x

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3 years ago

Hi @chockpea , I’m afraid you’re going to have to leave it to your medical team to provide the answers.

You’re right about symptoms presenting in other conditions. This makes it very difficult for our medical experts to interpret.

The presence of lesions on the MRI may help you to get a diagnosis, but it’s a “black art” interpreting these scans. It really needs a Neurologist to examine the MRI for you.

Were you scanned down the spine as well as the brain? And, was a contrast dye (gadolinium) used?

This webpage, , will explain some of vision problems that we can experience.

I think you’ll just have to wait for the medical experts to give you the answers.

Anyway, welcome to the forum. 😉

3 years ago

Thank you Stumbler. I have just got my results, no evidence of demyelination. I only had a brain MRI (not spine) and no dye was used. All my bloods came back good except a mild deficiency with Vitamin D level which was 45 ( normal 51-150 )but not much. Today my left arm & shoulder is annoying and left side of my face feels weird kind of like you’ve had a local anaesthetic at the dentist and it has worn off 90%. All autoimmunity is ruled out. Next we are doing a Celiac test & an xray on my spine for back pain. So frustrating!

3 years ago

@chockpea , it is frustrating, but we’re complicated pieces of machinery!

At least they’re still looking for answers for you. 😉

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