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6 years ago

Hey Baz… I am new here.. but I am 37… I was led to believe it was for the young and the young at heart .. lol I am sure the lovely regulars and people who run this great site will fill you in…

6 years ago

Have had MS since I was 22, and 33 now. This site has always been very relevant to me and I think it always will be 🙂

6 years ago


Everyone is welcome here, we sometimes refer to young people… but we think that is a state of mind rather than an age range! after all 60 is the new 40 and so on. We are just trying to build a community of like minded folk, who can enjoy each others company, share stories and support each other. Hope you enjoy!

6 years ago

I hadn’t read the bit about shiftms being for those in their 20s and 30s until I read Baz’s contribution. I was 25 when I had my first MS episode but not diagnosed for 26 years, so I’m still new to it. If you’ll let me stay, I promise not to mention my grandson (he is very young!).

6 years ago

Hey Baz,

I’m 32 but have had ms since I was 26 – think this site is aimed at anyone affected by ms though. Hope you find it as helpful as I have x

6 years ago

I’m 37 too. I recently attended a YUMS local meeting for young sufferers and I was the youngest there so I think we can safely say that there young people is a relative term depending on who is talking.
My gran (now 87) was still referring to old dears well into her 70s so we can continue to refer to outselves as youngsters for a while yet.
The problem comes at work where our latest recruit was born in 1990 – that’s what makes me feel old!

6 years ago

I am 42 and was going to ask the same as Baz……….still feel 20 inside tho 😉

6 years ago

It’s the wi-fit I have problems with. If it’s a good day, it thinks I’m 35 and on a bad day, especially if balance is one of the age checks or my vision is off, it says I’m 85. Like Jules, Im still a child inside

6 years ago

I’m 29, diagnosed when I was 27 🙁

6 years ago

hi im 42 and new to the site, have had my ms for 12 years, glad i found this site, i dont feel so alone now.

6 years ago

hi thanks for the replies i’m 44 and was dx last month but been 18 months in the making

thanks again

6 years ago

Age is but a number some people have a higher number but it is a number none the less. Hello to everyone 🙂

6 years ago

Hello! I am 54 and diagnosed when I was 40! Still working and still very young at heart, is it ok for me to stay?

6 years ago

It’s true it is a state of mind. I got diagnosed 5.5 years ago and I am still relatively fit and healthy (have the odd struggling time etc as I am sure everyone does.) I am 44.

When i was first diagnosed I drove home and logged onto one of the extremely well known MS charity websites to learn more about my new illness. Up until then all i knew about MS was it took a good friend of mine who passed away approx 10 years ago. The first thing I was greeted with on the website was an advert to get a wheelchair seat recovered. This depressed the hell out of me and I logged off 20 seconds later and I have since spent the rest of my time avoiding the websites. I accept the future will throw things at me that I will have to deal with – that’s life. I am lucky I have a strong faith that helps me. I treat MS as my private problem, only my close friends and family know. I have a full time job and just get on with things. I guess people at work think, when I hobble a little, I must have a bad back or something – They have never asked so I don’t feel the need to talk about it. This website allows you to be yourself and not necessarily delve too deeply into things you don’t have to yet worry about yet, or at all. I don’t want to let the illness swallow me up and take over my life when it doesn’t yet have to. To any newly diagnosed people reading this – Try not to worry and just learn about things that affect you now – i.e. what’s the right treatment for you now. Forget the rest and get out there and live life as much as you can. I worried day one and 5 years later I am now worse that I was back then.

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