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Neurophysiologist nervous ???

Anyone experienced a appointment for memory loss I’ve been referred to have tests because the last 6 months I’ve been experiencing short term memory issues. The words I say are mucked up too and they are sending me to see a specialist, referred by my neurologist I just wondered should I be as nervous as I am? Just really worried anything on the topic would mean a lot thanks larissa. X

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1 year ago

@larissajathomas , here’s some detail about our problems with cognition :-

You can be apprehensive about seeing the specialist. That would be natural, but you shouldn’t be nervous. You’ve noticed the problem, you’ve spoken out and you’re getting help. Well done for that.

Let us know how it goes.

1 year ago

@larissajathomas – hi larissa. I’ve had terrible problems with my short term memory too and like you, get words muddled, use the wrong one or have to describe the word I need. My neurologist has just put me on medication (sorry, I can’t remember the name but it begins with G) to see if it will help. It’s a dementia med (I definitely don’t have dementia) but he’s not sure that it will work. I’ll be interested to hear how you get on. All the best for your appointment. X
@stumbler thank you for sharing the link. It’s reassuring to know that there is a reason for it, even though I’d prefer to be ‘normal’. Ali

1 year ago

Hi, I had this appointment last week because I was v worried about my memory : I forget basic words, say completely the wrong word, have no memory of conversations I’ve had (even when reminded), forget to take important things with me I’ve always taken (daughters diabetic readings to consultant appointment), not making proper connections (book a random engineer even though I have heating contract). Basically I feel stupid and frankly was worried I had dementia. The neurology-psych was absolutely lovely, asked me 4 things and then told me I didn’t have dementia and then she spent just over an hour asking me various questions, kind of like a test but not in a scary way. For me they think actually it’s not MS related, or really even memory related, rather my head is so full of everyone else’s medical stuff and life in general that it’s overloaded and not taking things in because I’m a bit depressed and have low self esteem (all news to me!). She even said my IQ meant I could apply for Mensa, which made me cry because I genuinely thought I was useless! I guess everyone’s appointment will be different but I’m sure they will be equally as kind. Good luck x

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