5 years ago
Neuropathic Pain?

For the last few days, I’ve had a wierd sharp pain in my ankle every now and then. It’s short and sharp.

I now have a very similar pain in my groin area (think that’s the name- the bit where my leg joins my torso!). It’s VERY sharp, and lasts for a few seconds. It seems to manage to travel through my knee to my ankle. When I put pressure on it, it feels slightly better, but very similar to the feeling I have gotten when I had trouble with my sciatic nerve in my back.

Is this a neuropathic pain?

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I used to get weird episodes like that after having aspartame – usually through chewing gum or diet soft drinks. Would get sharp pain in my toes

No way!!! That’s so wierd. Thanks for the response though 😀

Aspartame is a known neuro-toxin – it’s weird that’s it’s a readily available legal substance available in many sugar free products :-s

I remember learning about it in home- economics in school and thinking the exact same thing!!
I haven’t eaten anything like that though, so can’t think what it is.
I’m having a few “blips” the last few weeks so I think I could be heading into a relapse 🙁

Neuropathic Pain is my worse part of my MS. When i was at school my nickname was “fizzy legs”
My hands tingle most of the time along with my feet and legs. I get electric shocks daily through my groin. I even get the MS hug! Thats not nice.My medication does help and i have a wonderfull GP.I did try smoking a join last year.It made me stupid and i dont want to go down that path again.Your MSnurse/neurodoc are the best guys to sort you out.
Good Luck,

Thanks Jane. I have an appointment with my neuro next month but may go to my GP before then if it keeps up. Took Solpadeine last night but don’t know if it helped or not. I shall soldier on!!!!!

I suffer from Neuropathic pain down the whole of the right side of my body and have done for about 10 years. It comes in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways and can have all kinds of secondary symptoms, such as muscle spasms and temporary loss of feeling or paralysis.

Its good that you are seeing your neurologist as there are loads of things you can take to help but you should definatley go to see your G.P. as it is important that you rule out any other causes.

Its easy to blame everything on the M.S. but you are human too and just as likely to get other illnesses or injuries as anyone else!!

I am new to the site but an old hand with neuro pain so please feel free to message me if you want to ask anything. x

Thanks a million, Holly!

You are very welcome :-). Good luck at the doctor!!

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