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Neurologist visit in January

Hi everybody, my name is paul and I live in the south of Spain. I got diagnosed with rrms in April this year. Spent two years having physio and back scans,thinking that the symptoms were caused by a back problem!
Eventually I was hospitalized in may, and put under a ms specialist. Ive lost strength in my left leg and can walk for twenty minutes, last ten dragging my foot. I am currently on betaferon, but what should I push for when I visit my neurologist?

Thanks for reading.

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1 year ago

Sorry, forgot to mention, that the scans showed old lesions dating back over sixteen years. I just ignored the signs, because they would go, and I would just carry on as normal.

1 year ago

Hi @paulmorrison
If you are will to take on the additional risks (you would be monitored closely) I would go for something stronger if you are already having mobility issues. I would research Techfidera, Tysabri and Lemtrada.

Good luck!

1 year ago

Hi @paulmorrison and welcome.

Here’s a bit of reading for you:-

As @spunky says above, the present things is to hit MS hard and fast with the strongest treatments. This will minimise future MS damage and optimise your outcome.

1 year ago

Hi there, well, living in southern Spain you’re already one up on me! I only got diagnosed this year. No previous symptoms but the neuro did refer to one lesion as being ‘old’ which surprising to me. Yes, the nes @spunky mentions would seem a good starting point; are you eligible to get access in Spain? (At least until the dreaded Brexit)

Sunlight and Vitamin D are great for MS although some people struggle with the heat. Are you working?Even though walking is a struggle, you should still keep exercising as often as you can, certainly swimming and walking are great. I can only manage 20 mins walking too, then it feels like I’m walking on the moon all of a sudden. My neuro told me to keep walking though. Welcome to Shift!

1 year ago

Hi @paulmorrison I echo @vixen. Exercise & to keep walking are really important. Foot drag is pretty common, but the exercise will only help. Should this become a problem, causing falls for example, there are foot splints that can help. Welcome to splint, advice & tips from fellow ‘MSers’ is invaluable in the early days after diagnosis, so keep in touch….

1 year ago

Hi @spunky , not much to lose, I am going to take the risk. Thanks for the advice.

1 year ago

[email protected] A lot to take in, but I think hitting it as hard as I can seems to be my best option.

1 year ago

Hi there @vixen, I have lived in spain for twelve years and am a resident. I am covered under there nhs, so mo problems there. I haven’t worked for the last six months as I have lost my balance as well as the strength in my left leg ( I am a builder) so this is a bit of an issue. I will keep up the walking and hope for the best, even if some time I look like I have drunk ten pints.

1 year ago

Hi @craigsreddie. Thanks for the advice, its good to know I am not on my own. Never done social media or even shared my thoughts and feelings, but desperate times…..

1 year ago

@paulmorrison a pleasure mate. There was a similar website when I was diagnosed 17 (eek 17) years ago. The doctors/neurologists can tell you this &’that but they can’t beat the advice you’ll get from people who’ve lived it….

Take it easy,

1 year ago

Jooly’s Joint was good, I think it saved my sanity back in the day but not so much now sadly

Take Care

11 months ago

Hiya Paul, I to live in Southern Spain, about 40 min drive away near Tabernas. We moved to Spain in 2015 because I had always been better in a warm dry climate. We have managed this year to buy a house and are settling in well.
I have had SPMS since 1998_9 ???? ish. Not sure how they knew as only had 1 MRI scan in 1991 to help diagnosis. I have just had my second and am waiting to see neuro.
I find the warm DRY climaste really helps me but wasnt prepared for winter to get so cold and am now having problems when I get cold.
On the positive side of things i can do much more now than I could in the uk, I feel alive again for the first time for years.
My advice is anything that helps you go for it, you may have to try more than 1 option though as we are all different.

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