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Nerve pain? Keeps waking me up!

Hi all,
Pain in my right arm- feels like the nerve is burning, its a throbbing pain.
Almost always in the middle of the night and wakes me up.
I’ve had it several times usually no more regularly than 2 nights in a row roughly every month or so but hadn’t made a note when.
I get awful migraines around my period and Ive had the nerve pain over the last week too. Could they be connected at all? Could that be what’s triggering the pain – I hadn’t made the connection before.

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1 year ago

Yo yo yo what’s crackalackin MC becca I get this too in Me reet arm and hand every other day, also in the middle of the night. I got a handy ( ? excuse the pun) tip from a occupational therapist to raise my hand above me head and move it round it soon fades jobs a good en. Sorry can’t help with the lady problems tho but chocolate ? and a bath ? works for the wife to be.

1 year ago

Hi [email protected] I get that too and there is no pattern to it. It’s most annoying but usually goes away when I change position. As for the period, well I get much worse around that time. I believe it has something to do with hormones.
Take care x

1 year ago

I honestly found my symptoms got so much worse on my period. When it was recommended I get an IUD due to being on Gilenya I took it. Now I no longer get a period and it has improved my symptoms as during that time of the month things were so much worse.

1 year ago

@beccamc98 I have the same on the top of my right foot. The pain actually will wake me in the night. The only thing that actually works is a good foot rub by my husband.

1 year ago

Thanks all, @sonia1984 it does seem to be the root of all evil – periods we’re so easy when I was younger it’s weird!

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