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Need to loose weight.. HELP

Hey.. basically I was loosing weight when I was first diagnosed, I was always dizzy and felt sick etc. I have managed to curve my dizziness with food.. eating regularly helps the dizzy spells.. but I’m piling on the pounds and struggling to exercise. On a daily basis I have breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes supper. I’m havin healthy-ish meals but the weight is coming thick and fast..

Any help would be great, my consultant just said exercise but it’s not that easy at the min!


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3 years ago

@katfight, there is no easy answer. It’s all about balancing a healthy diet, with the exercise and activity we can manage.

I’m afraid there are no magic solutions to this one.

3 years ago

I lost over a stone by making a simple lifestyle change. I now weigh 8st10 and that has not changed since Christmas, which is amazing for me as I would always fluctuate between 9.5-10.5. Once I lost the weight and started my healthy eating I felt so energetic and started to excercise and now I feel healthier than I have ever been.

I did not start the diet to lose weight though, that was just a bonus, I started following these MS diets.

I basically have become a gluten free vegan, who eats fish and lots of it! I learnt how to make healthy meals/snacks and sweet treats (better than the real thing) and I still eat cake 🙂

I realised that it is not about diet it is about lifestyle. I did a 2 mile run last night, which isn’t much but for someone who has never ran distance with out stopping I am very proud of myself!

Everyone comments on how healthy I am looking, little do they know I have this horrible disease! 🙂

3 years ago

Gabapentin made me put weight on. I solved that by not eating red meat, but that was me.
its nice to be able to talk to other sufferers

3 years ago

I am an Exercise Specialist (Australian Trainer Title) studying health Science and Nutritional Medicine. And have MS.

There are some great MS diets out there I have found, often following Paleo principle (don’t cringe, I know that sounds like a fashionable diet) but the idea is to cut out all foods that have an inflammatory response in the body such as red meats, glute and dairy products. Obviously everyone is different and some people may need amounts of the above mention but all in all it is quite doable and great for weight management.
Completely agree that it is about a lifestyle switch. As soon as you feel like you are restricting yourself that’s when you may binge or fall off the wagon. If you make little changes at a time, that you are HAPPY to make then that will make all the difference to your brain and body…
Weight gain (if no other issues are present) is generally around 20% exercise and 70% Nutrition! You can’t out train a poor diet.
As for the exercise part did you know that walking burns more calories than running and tricks the body into eating into stored fat for energy therefore is better for weight management! Trust me I know it’s hard sometimes but if you can even get out for a walk every now and then it could make all the difference. Plus you will feel empowered that you are trying to take control of something often uncontrollable!

Hope that helps. Shoot any questions at me, I’m happy to help!

Skye xxx

3 years ago

Haha MS brain, it’s been a long night! I meant 20% Exercise and 80% Nutrition!
Apparently I can’t count…


3 years ago

Thanks guys..

@skyzie lmfao, Definitely blame the long night :p

I stopped eating red meat 11 months ago and feel amazing for it. i stopped eating white meat 1 week ago lol.. This is a struggle but I’ve replaced chicken with Quorn chicken, red meat does not bother me!

I did not know about walking / running so thanks for the info, I hate walking I tingle / burn to much and get tired quickly! I will take ur advice tho and push past this and try walk more. About 6 yrs ago I used to run 4 miles a day so saddens me how unfit I actually have become – I weigh over 15 stone which makes me so unhappy but onwards and upwards. I reckon with a balanced diet and more walking I can loose a couple stone in a few weeks 🙂

3 years ago

Hi again,

Like I said I’m happy to help!

The diet is the big one. Even if your aren’t exercising or simply can’t for awhile, as long as you keep the correct nutrition up then you will be fine!

I am a Personal Trainer, as I mentioned and my initial “Relapse” was 4 weeks and I couldn’t train at all. Devastating! At the time I didn’t know I had MS (makes sense now).
I’ve been training for Competitive BodyBuilding for ages! Something wasn’t quite adding up with my results so I payed for tests to be done and by accident we found the Lesions! And now here I am. 7 kilos heavier and (overly dramatic sounding) but my dream of competition is over. So I understand the frustration of knowing you were -or -in my case were meant to be somewhere fitness wise and are not!

Control the things we can control (nutrition mainly) and don’t sweat the things we can’t! 😉

– Now, it’s 3:30pm, yep afternoon here in Australia and I am off to bed! Haha


3 years ago

Try to cut down on carbs and grains – follow Paleo …

We don’t need gluten!

Good luck! 🙂


3 years ago

Hi, me too. I had lost over 3 stone and was doing great with personal trainer, metafit and strength training when things started happening and after a year and a half of getting fitter and stronger i found myself shaking, tripping and getting weaker. Been just over a year now and I am 10lbs heavier and well fed up and annoyed with myself. Here for support, support for each other. Find me on face book if you are on it. I have started a clean eating group on there. Tomorrow is D DAY, i have to get a grip because I know how much better I will feel. WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Add me on facebook if you are on it.

3 years ago

@sunnydaylover, when I get bk on i will add you 🙂 came of a while back after diagnosis cudnt cope with all the gossips lol..

Eurgh I’m eating more n putting on more, I feel my belly wobble with every step haha! I am to lazy to cook so I slob out! I need to get a grip 😂

3 years ago

Really helpful reading theses posts xx

3 years ago

Have you tried swimming or biking? That might tingle less than walking? I was dragging my left leg and arm a couple of months ago and obviously couldn’t run because of it, when I got in the pool I felt completely normal. Well, as normal as I can feel in a pool considering I swim like a rock. Food for thought anyways, I have found swimming a good workout and easy on the joints.

I don’t really know about the fatigue, I haven’t experienced that. But I have read that some type of pre workout powder might help push you through the workout, I don’t know if you crash after or what, but I am assuming if you are fatigued it might not be any different, at least you got a workout in. Anyone have experience with this?

3 years ago

Try cutting down to 3 meals a day. don’t cut out any major food groups. Try slimming World, it really does work and you’ll be surprised how much you CAN eat.
Exercise is not easy…try swimming, i can’t walk and certainly cd not do high impact stuff, but belly dancing or tai chi is good for you and easy on the body.

3 years ago

hi @catfight, How are you getting on and have you been able to lose weight?
If you want to lose weight and have MS, I suggest a vegan with seafood (ie very low saturated fat).

There are several different versions of this diet – I have been following Dr Jelinek’s “Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis” (, which is similar to Dr Wahls’ diet ( and also gluten-free and paleo (which @cazzzzzy and @hollylb10 talked about). Jelinek and Wahls are both doctors with MS, so I think they are worth listening to.
Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis is based on Prof. Swanks’ 35year study of diet and MS, which found that for those who followed a low-saturated fat diet, MS progressed significantly less than those who ate a normal Western diet.

I am a 6’1″ 34year old guy, weigh 10st and have Secondary Progressive MS. I have been following the OMS diet for nearly 2years. I weigh little but even I have lost weight on this diet. In my experience it is actually impossible to gain weight on this diet. I have found the diet is tasty and gives me hope!

Does it sound like something you would find useful?

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