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I can off a funny video L-) Jokes aren’t really my thing

Afternoon to you MR Gav !

Yeah, have seen that little video of yours before and chuckled, you are totally right, most scooters are awful, I wouldnt mind one for long dog walks and have found one thats great, the Tramper TWS, very robust and off-roady, really agricultural looking, even able farmers are buying them to work on the land, they were on top gear a couple of months ago!

Have got loads of jokes in my brain, just the MS stops me recalling them! 😉

How’s this for starters…..(stolen from a friend, so don’t blame/credit me!)

“As my upcoming wedding is soo expensive I’m going to get a mobile phone company to sponsor mine. problem is, it’s bad service and no reception…….”

Ha !!! keep em coming !

lol DJ 🙂

Was gonna post up one of Bill Hicks’s many vids that were made before he died but I came across this Dave Chappelle comedy half hour and thought it was really funny=) Do look up Bill Hicks on you tube though if you like your comedy a bit on the controversial side.

Why couldn’t the Spanish man get into his house??

He lost his che!!

Blame my bro in law, he makes them up!!

I’m hopeless at links but youtube – find Bill Bailey and search his “joke in the style of Chaucer” vid. Soooooo funny!!

I love watching “Big Bang Theory” or “How I Met Your Mother”. It’s so good!! You will have a good laugth!

Am addicted to Big Bang Theory – I don’t even mind watching repeats! (maybe because I enjoy perving over Penny, but it always provides much hilarity 🙂

here’s a good one, made by remi gaillard!

we’ve just bought the box sets of big bang theory because you can watch them again and again and you can’t help but laugh – Sheldon is such a brilliant character – he has the best lines.

Also love Mrs Brown’s Boys – how they keep a straight face – well they don’t half the time – its brilliant original comedy we you have to watch more than once as you’ve often missed something from laughing that much the 1st time around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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