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My story " I am not MS"

Painting, creativity has followed me through my life. Art is a natural true expression for me, giving me so much joy, purpose and richness in my life.

My world took an unexpected turn, diagnosed with MS 16 years ago and told by doctors to go home and learn to live with it, this news was a shock and a wake up call at the same time, today i regard this as a blessing as my life changed for the better in many ways and with this experience I can now help others dis – identify from their illness / the word you are diagnosed with and help people become aware of who they are beyond form. Limitations are the challenges in your life and they can become the gift, so the awakening begins.

Looking back over the 16 years after i was diagnosed I realise how much has changed in my life for the better.

My new journey took me to move from Munkebo, Fyn DK, back to the beautiful nature of the west of Denmark which my husband and I love, I began to study how to Paint (write) Icons. I created an art school for children, completed an amazing 13 years.
I established a daily meditation practice.
My husband and I created and had built a small centre for private creative work and to hold workshops and retreats.
I also changed my diet to name a few of my life changes.
I feel empowered, strong and healthy from the good quality life i have created.
Walking limitations are my main physical challenge,
a quote from Eckhart Tolle below that has meant a lot to me is,
β€œ rise above limitations internally by uncompromising surrender to what is”
If you can do this you are free of suffering, so the practice begins.
A good attitude of seeing how much I do have and what I can do, this also becomes a deep thankfulness, freedom and a blessing.

Over the years I have increasingly become aware of how art expression and meditation can help deepen a contact to a level beyond limitations, to a space of peace and freedom, rising above the busy mind, so i have created Workshops with this as the base, called:-
1.How to write an Icon.
2. Just paint (Intuitive painting expression).
(dates & info of workshops to follow soon for 2015 )

Carol Adams
Passage from Eckhart Tolle

Form means limitation. We are here not only to experience limitation, but also to grow in consciousness by going beyond limitation. Some limitations can be overcome on an external level. There may be other limitations in your life that you have to learn to live with. They can only be overcome internally. Everyone will encounter them sooner or later. Those limitations either keep you trapped in egoic reaction, which means intense unhappiness, or you rise above them internally by uncompromising surrender to what is. That is what they are here to teach. The surrendered state of consciousness opens up the vertical dimension in your life, the dimension of depth. Something will then come forth from that dimension into this world, something of infinite value that otherwise would have remained unmanifested. Some people who surrendered to severe limitation
become healers or spiritual teachers. Others work selflessly to lessen human suffering or bring some creative gift into this world.
for more info and look at my Icon art work,you are welcome to take a look here:)

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4 years ago

Brilliantly said and quoted! (And a beautiful human being also πŸ˜‰ it shows up in between the lines πŸ˜‰ ).

I totally agree that from the biggest limitations comes empowerment and that art and spirituality can heal one and the people around them who need healing the most.

Well done and lots of succes in the years to come!

4 years ago

Thanks for reply Denisa and your good wishes, Eckhart Tolle is a wonderful inspiration for me, for many.

I found this saying which says it all…to me

“Health defined as inner peace
Healing defined as overcoming fear”

4 years ago

Inspirational read, thanks x

4 years ago

Your welcome Amylee, also for more inspiration that helps me and i wish i had known about 16 years ago when i was first diagnosed is Dr Wahls foundation about her discoveries with the palio diet, she wrote a book called “minding your mitochondria” to me very inspiring and what an example she is.
best wishes carol

4 years ago

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