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MS Symptoms or not?

Hi All
I had an acute relapse in January and was off work for 7 weeks and am currently on a phased return. I am slowly starting to feel like my old self but the recovery is slow and I am anxious about symptoms I still have which I wouldn’t consider to be typical MS type symptoms but I could be wrong, maybe they are. I have been to the doctors about these various symptoms on numerous occasions but they tend to blame all on MS and don’t seem overly concerned.

I have look at various MS sites which discuss symptoms but understandably these are usually quite generic and open to interpretation. The symptoms I have been experiencing include intense pressure at the front of my head and numbness sometimes in the front of my face and top row of teeth, I have also had continual ringing in my ears for the last 6 weeks which is starting to drive me nuts. In addition to this I have been experiencing the usual MS symptoms such as dizziness, feeling of being off balance, numbness/ weakness in limbs, buzzing sensation at the back of my neck, neck pain and stiffness etc. I find it difficult to sometimes describe the symptoms

I just wondered if anyone else experiences unusual symptoms which you would not typically associate with MS or if you find that on occasions you are over anxious about symptoms

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3 years ago

@fi70 , it’s difficult to compare personal experiences as everyone’s MS is different. It all depends on what parts of your Central Nervous System (CNS) have been affected by your MS.

But, having read your symptoms, a couple of MS symptoms do spring to mind :-

Trigeminal Neuralgia –
Tinnitus –

Anything to do with the ears can impact balance. Balance is achieved by your brain interpreting feedback from three sources :-
– the balance mechanism in your ears; and
– visual input; and
– physical feedback from your feet and lower legs.

Each of these areas of feedback could be impacted by our MS.

The buzzing at the back of the neck does sound like L’hermittes (

Neck pain and stiffness is probably caused by tension. When something is troubling us we tend to hunch our shoulders in a bit. If we could just relax this part of the body, by letting our arms hang loose, we can sometimes resolve neck stiffness and pain.

I hope this helps. 🙂

PS You don’t look 70! lol 😆

3 years ago

Thanks @stumbler, might not look 70 but there are days I feel it lol

I understand that the nature of MS and its effect on the CNS makes individual comparison nigh on impossible, guess I was just looking for a little reassurance that I am not the only one who experiences weird symptoms which may not always be associated with MS, although in all likelihood those of my symptoms which are not covered by MS are probably anxiety related.

3 years ago

@fi70 , always consider using your MS Nurse to determine what is and isn’t MS.

It’s so easy to blame everything on MS, whereas, we can get normal run-of-the-mill ailments too. 😉

3 years ago

I have discussed these with the MS nurse but unfortunately my usual MS Nurse is on long term sick leave and her replacement doesn’t appear to have as much experienced. She is really nice but when I had my routine DMD appointment in Nov 14 I had to explain that some symptoms I had been experiencing seemed to point to the MS hug but she said she would have to consult the Neuro and get back to me, the result being an information leaflet on the MS hug being sent me about a month later. I am hoping that now I am back at work I will be too busy to spend time analysing every sensation and thus they will fade away and I am on the waiting list for HBOT so hope that will help some.

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Have you had a cold and cough lately ?

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