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MS sucks 😂

My name is Alice and I was diagnosed with RRMS in Nov 2017. Safe to say my life changed and it sucks! I lost my job and then lost my driving license for a year. Some people may not see it as a big deal but I feel like I’ve lost a load and then had to deal with all the symptoms, like numb left side of my body, and I’m finding it so hard! Really really would like to meet other MS sufferers and create friendships as I believe I can only be understood by other suffers as they understand what it’s like. So please, any advice?

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8 months ago

Hey, sounds like we’re the same boat. I got diagnosed in 2014. Lost my job due the business owners, making me homeless as my place came with my job. I lived in 2 temporary accommodation places. I became single so now live on mi Tod. I just get on wi everything na n I’m happy considering spms. It was a tough year or so.

8 months ago

Hi Alice and welcome, life’s a bitch and then you die is very true but one thing we have learnt to do on this site is find anything we CAN do not worry about the things we can’t do, you have just had a big shock even if you suspected, you’ve had a crap year but things can only get better as the song says. I lost my mobility car, not my driving license but the results are the same for both of us, I’m 62 and have had the beast for 24 years, still here, still fighting, so keep posting, there’s no such thing as a silly question with ms, so ask all you want, rant if you want, cry, celebrate, whatever you want, we don’t judge and there’s nothing you can do or say that will surprise us, we’ve done and said it all before, you are not the first😍

8 months ago

Hello @alicek13, I do feel for you. I am about a year on down the line from you. One year ago, I was feeling better and recovering from my initial elapse. But now, one year on, I can look back and see that I hadn’t recovered properly, phycially yes but not mentally and emotionally. I can see now that coming to terms with diagnosis and stuff took about a year to recover. Now I’m in my second year and I am in ‘rebuld’ mode, sorting my life out, getting fitter, making plans. Even though we might have love and support around us, it’s fair to say that no one can fully understand what we go through, how every day can seem like a battle. My first big episode has left me with some permanent annoying symptoms, mainly sensory, so not so bad. At least I now know what my new normal feels like, that seemed like a long climb to discover. Hey ho. Stick at it, really, really look after yourself and do whatever you need to do to get through this rough time. You. Will. Be. OK. Lots of love xx

8 months ago

Hi Alice, welcome to the site.

Yes the changes in lifestyle that come with an MS Diagnosis can certainly be hard to take, I’m sure every MSer can say the same thing or at least something similar.

This site has lots of info that can help you out in terms of info regarding MS, other sites such as MS Trust site are also useful.

8 months ago

Hi @alicek13 … It’s’a shocker and it turns your life upside down and it is hard to get it the right way up again. I didn’t lose my job when I was diagnosed but I knew the business owners thought it was an inconvenience.
Just try to stay positive.
This game is easier to play if you keep positive.
You are among friends here, so if you want to get something off your chest this is the place.
I’m 11 years into MS… sure I can’t pilot a motorbike anymore but if someone offers me a ride I can still ride pillion.
Be lucky Alice.

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