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MS stressed me


Its nit like something I would say
But MS drags me back literally
I feel my legs are full of iron not flesh and bones
Been feeling this for long thus week is a bit worse
Not whining or anything just felt like letting it a bit out
Its trying to scare me giving me scary nerve pain in several parts of my body

But i rather keep fighting it

It has ruined my reputation
People’s noticed
They dont depent on mr pooring a cup of tea or carrying a slightly heavy tray

Thats not me

I wish i take this weakness away
Its in me yet cant stop it

But oh well
I’ll keep searching reading
And will try to visit a neuro in my city from now on
Im stressed from traveling too

Be safe all of you

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9 months ago

@nutshell88, yes, keep fighting it.

Regular, gentle exercise, with moderation being the key word.

9 months ago

@stumbler Thanks stumbler
I will try my best

9 months ago

@nutshell88, don’t be scared, you need to be the tough lady we all know and love! It will go away soon I hope. Treat yourself to something nice. And tell your iron legs to start working properly, you’re feisty, I’m sure people usually listen to you. I hope it hasn’t stopped you driving, having waiting so long to be allowed to…..x

9 months ago

Darling nutshell, don’t give up it give I . Moan all you like, that’s what friends are for. Look after yourself.😍

9 months ago

You are right @vixen
I should leep on living without turning around just like I’ve always been doing
Its been like an iron since i was in highschool
But it feels much worse this weak
You know im in saudi and the heat is rising therefore i feel im moving in slow mition today i dudnt go to work i felt a but better

Thanks for your modivating words means a lot
My relation with MS has always been a challange we challanging eachother and ive always behaved hum and hopefully will do it agsin soon

9 months ago


My darling nutshell
You will find your own way through ..
you will get through ,it will pass , even though frustrating and hard …

Wishing you a speedy recovery , healing
And lots of sunbeams


Rachael XX ❤️❤️

9 months ago

Thank you sweet @rachaellouise

I’ve always had this sesation specialy at uni 2009 and later untill today

I just felt it extra worse this week but as always i got over it and it returned the way it was

Thank you for you sweet hopes i hope you the same and even better

I have a big flaw
I challange my ability and push myself at time i feel i challenge MS as if its an evil spirit lol
I love listening to wild sond do loud and put volumbon hieghst makes my forget totally that im able not able
In pain or not it replaces the vien with loud guitar
It literally doed
Not saying they’re a forever solution
They just make me feel like a cheeky teen again
I have a sensation that in the end of my story/life journy with MS i’ll be the winner
If not cure not disability
Because my brain rejects losing more than it rejects its ownsellf hehe
But god only knows
Whats on destiny the eye will see

Thanks for your nice words again i love your kind spirit and thank you for always being friendly with me

Best wishes X

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