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MS or unrelated?

Hey guys,

I’m still getting to grips with this whole MS thing. Over the last month or two my legs and ankles ache as if I have been walking nonstop all day, even if I have spent the day on the couch. It’s in my putter thighs, my inner knee caps and around my ankle bone. Do you ever get pains that aren’t real pains? Does this sound like the onset of a relapse?

Thanks 🙂

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2 years ago

It sounds as though you need the conversation with someone medical – your MS nurse, maybe.

2 years ago

@mari365 , do you have an assigned MS Nurse? They should be your first point of contact for these issues.

MS can cause sensory pain, which may fit your description ( .

Alternatively, it could be caused indirectly by your MS. By this I mean that we compensate for MS weaknesses without too much thought. This can give rise to adopting bad practice in posture and gait, which puts unnatural pressure on some joints/muscles. This is something that can be assessed and resolved by a Neuro-physio. Your MS Nurse (if you have one) should be able to arrange a referral.

2 years ago

Thanks guys. I’m finding it so hard to tell the difference between MS symptoms and unrelated issues. I will contact my nurse tomorrow, thank you again

2 years ago

Dear @mari365

I have had ankle pain (left one only) for years. At my own expense I had it MRI-ed as it was suggested this was not an MS symptom. Nothing showed up on the MRI (or x-ray), yet when my neurologist hit all my reflexes etc. with that little ‘hammer’ she recorded my left ankle as behaving in an abnormal way. I’m fairly sure now it is an MS thing. Still, best to let the experts tell you that. I have also been told that new(ish) spinal lesions are to blame for weakening legs…I guess you could ask for an MRI (the last one I had took almost an hour as dye was injected into me at one point) of both your head and spine.

Take care, lucyh xx
PS perhaps your pains etc. ARE real pains, rather than ‘imagined’ ones

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