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MS or something else?

Recently I’ve been having problems with numbness. Over a matter of a week the loss of sensasation started to spread across the right side of my body from cheek down to the toes. I was dizzy, lightheaded and just exhausted. I ended up in the hospital due to muscle weakness and honestly fear. I do have family history of MS, so a bunch of MRIs were done only to find several tiny foci on my brain and spine. They were ruled not the cause of my discomfort however I was released with very few answers. I have not had any health issues before with the exception of finding my Vitamin D levels were at 20. While I’ve learned that’s deficient, it is far from a severe case. Though I can’t help but wonder if this is somehow related?

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1 year ago

Your symptom sure sounds like MS but it isn’t necessarily MS. See if you can get referred to a Neurologist for a second opinion.

They say that most MSers are Vitamin D deficient but not all Vitamin D deficient people have MS.

I ask you the below questions as this is what I have experienced in getting diagnosed.

There are some more tests than MRIs that can be done to to help narrow down your diagnosis or rule out other issues.
– Bloods
-Lumbar Puncture
-Evoked Potential Test
-there may be others

Hope you get some answers soon!

Were the mri’s done with and without contrast? Seems like spunky said getting to a good neuro is pretty important. Did the hospital give you cortesteroids? Are your symptoms getting worse or better recently?

1 year ago

Thanks Spunky and CaliforniaDreamin

I do have a neuro consult on the 9th. So hopefully some answers are found. I felt so crazy sitting in that hospital room with no direct cause. I’m definitely going to bring up those extra tests.

As far as the MRIs go they did do both contrast/no contrast. And the hospital didn’t give me a thing to alliviate my symptoms. I’d say today roughly a week after this all started, I feel a bit better. My strength is still a bit off, I could barely keep my arms lifted to sort through items at the store. My muscles are pretty stiff still, though some feeling is coming back. I feel like my skin is so insanely itchy now!! And mind you all my symptoms are contained to just the right side.

That is going to feel like a long time to wait. Personally (and I don’t want to sound like a salesman so there are other books as well but having read them all it’s one I live by) I would get a book called overcoming multiple sclerosis and just read up on the disease so you make the most of your appointment when you have it. For my wife the appointment all happened fast and it was a lot to take in and probably used some of our time in tears and confusion. Had we read up on the details we would have likely asked better questions and been in a place to decide on medications and things quicker.

sorry meant say as well, it doesnt mean you have ms, but may as well be familar with it. At the very least since you have a family history it might help you related if nothing else. Also there is a chapter in that book on a few preventative things (like vitamin D) that might be worth considering for everyone else in your family.

1 year ago

It might also be worth keeping a symptom diary in a form that can be given or read out to the neuro. Might save time at the appointment, because you’ll be wanting to maximise the discussion time.

1 year ago

Now some of the feeling is coming back, but it’s accompanied by pain, itching and chills. Does anyone have any experience with this?

My next neuro appt isn’t until Thursday and I’m getting antsy for some answers.

1 year ago

@shannon_diamond , our bodies are capable of all manner of reactions to stressful events. And, you are stressing yourself about this.

Stress is a very unproductive emotion. Whilst not achieving anything for you, it is releasing chemicals in your brain, which affect your Central Nervous System (CNS).

You have to try and chill out, as there is little you can do until Thursday. Another few days are not going to change what your body is presently dealing with.

Just make sure you can produce a comprehensive list of symptoms that you can take to your appointment on Thursday.

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