4 years ago
MS Made me Take The Stairs…

Does anyone else feel grateful for the perspective this disease has given them? I do.
I now take the stairs everyday because i still can. I park as far away from the store as possible just to enjoy the walk in… i walk my dog WAY more than i used to and i truly savour each moment. life was rushing past me at such a pace that i didnt even realize. Now i stop and feel thankful for everyday. I am also thankful for modern medicine and the times we live in and the fact that my disease will hopefully stay mild to moderate. Take sometime to enjoy movement…whatever movement you can do just embrace it! For anyone feeling defeated just remember YOU ARE SO MUCH STRONGER THAN YOU THINK 🙂 and YOU CAN DO THIS

Have a happy Wednesday everyone xo

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Thanks for the uplifting message, MrsH. It portrays a very good attitude, a glowing example and the proper perspective.

I am grateful, as I definitely am a stronger person because of it!

I was diagnosed with MS a week after new year’s day…not the best way to start the year. Before this I was unable to walk properly for 2 months, without needing aid (such as linking arms with my mum or my closest friends). Struggling through the inability I pushed myself to go out with my friends, walk as far as I could or i’d go out at night, so that it looked like i’d had too much drink (hiding not being able to walk), trying to prove that I could do things, if i set my mind to it. Straight after being diagnosed with MS, I was given a strong course of antibiotics, after the course I was able to walk again, I had never felt so free, so now I make sure that I always take the stairs, walk everywhere, go to the gym or do little exercises in my room.


Welcome, @poppylola.
Another quick diagnosis, perhaps the medical profession are getting better at this diagnosis lark!
A “strong course of antibiotics” is a strange treatment for an MS relapse. Usually, it’s high dosage steroids, which kick-starts the body’s own recovery over the course of a few weeks. But, whatever, it did the trick didn’t it?
OK, I’ve already mentioned in another post today that worry/stress are not our friends, so try and steer clear.
And, one thing that didn’t come across from that positive message above is the term, moderation. MS can be irritated by over-exertion, so do try and “listen to your body”! It’ll tell you when you’re pushing too hard. Make sure you listen to those messages.
But, like I say, welcome. Have a look around, post comments, post questions or just have a chat with a lot of understanding people.

Originally it started in January 2012, after I had double vision…which then led to other little attacks, it was like a set of toppling over. Then when I couldn’t walk for the two months, they diagnosed me with MS (after various tests).

Sorry i did mean ‘steroids’, I always say antibiotics for some reason.
Thank-you i’ll take the advice, i’m just used to always being on the go, so I’ll let myself relax.

I feel the same way you do, MS really gives you a different perspective on life! I know these are cliche’s, but I do stop to smell the roses and try to not sweat the small stuff! Those are my personal mantras these days 🙂

@bamelia that is awesome!! I hope more people can see it this way- it is very freeing 🙂 Hope you are having a great day!

Thank you! having a nice sunny day -can’t beat that even though its only wednesday 🙂

MrsHawk, great message and great attitude…tho I’d have to say, MS made me take the lift and get a wheelchair, BUT that did take a number of years. Exercise is important, yr right. I can’t do stuff I used to, but I’m determined to keep up the swimming and Tai Chi.

I agree 100% !!
I bike to/from work just because I love doing it. I am not super fast/quick but I dont care, I just love being outdoors. And also walk where I can too as it sjust great being outdoors!

@mrshawk, that is such a positive way to think about MS. When I was first diagnosed I concentrated on the things that I couldn’t do anymore, like running and wearing high heels, but now I make the most of the things I can do and now I really enjoy pilates and have some amazing flatties!! It took me a little while but I am so pleased that I now think more positively.

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