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M.S inspired jewellery!

Hey every1! Im in my final year of jewellery and metal design and i have M.S! I am designing a collection of catwalk pieces based on my experiences with M.S. it will hopefully educate non M.Sers and perhaps inspire M.Sers! 😛 would be great to know how you feel about it? good or bad!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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8 years ago

Hey, I think it\’s a totally fabulous idea. I am a totally girlie girl and love love love my accessories. I hate that everything to do with ms is usually dull or just educational, so this would be great. I would defo buy something. Cathy xxx

8 years ago

Me too! i Luurrrve accessories! infact its pretty normal for me to start off with accessories and build an outfit around that! lol xx do you have a link that shows your designs?
G xx

8 years ago

I love accessories too, but please make it fun stuff. I have always said I don\’t believe in wearing MS like a badge, but I might wear something pretty. Why don\’t you put a video of your stuff on TV?

Good Luck,

Claire x

8 years ago

Really interested to see how your pieces turn out. I am trying to put together a collection of objects /designs to start a proper online shop here on the website, do get in touch if you are interested

8 years ago

Thanks for all ur comments, they r sooo encouraging!! Ill defo get some pics up wen they r all done! My work is pretty conceptual so it will be beautiful but not necessarily in a pretty way!Freddie, that sounds ace, id be up for that! if u like my designs that is!! 😛 Thanks guys, ill keep y’all updated! xxxxxxxxx

8 years ago

Did that make sense when I said I don’t beleive in wearing ms like a badge? Some people drone on about their medical conditions, and that’s the main thing you’re aware of. To me, it’s part of me, it isn’t me! I have it, it doesn’t have me.

8 years ago

I had an idea earlier – I know you are in the design stage of yourproject, and it’s MS Awareness Week next month ,but if you’re sorted ,why not promote your range during the week? Once it’s completed, you could promote and market the range on the MS Society website next year. The MS Society website is a bit serious – you could liven it up!

8 years ago

Great idea i would definately buy it.Well done.Keep us informed x take care mary

5 years ago

Excellent idea. I am also a jewellery and metal work designer. Currently working in Japan. MS certainly makes life more challenging, especially the heat. I studied at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham. Where are you studying?

5 years ago

love all ideas on jewellery…. gimme gimme gimme hee hee xxxx

5 years ago

I make jewellry but simply as a hobby. Did not think I could, but a friend encouraged and taught me. Like to go to a group, cuz I do struggle with fine movements (hand tremors), so sometimes the fastenings can be a bit tricky for me.
etsy.com is a brill site for buying/selling ALL kinds of craft items. Recommend it to all you designers, if you havent found it already.

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